A Black And White Interior Decor Scheme

A Black And White Interior Decor Scheme – A black and white interior decor scheme can appear severe and sterile or warm and inviting – it truly depends on how you use your own fresh home decorating ideas to soften a harsh monochromatic palette. Neutral interior design needs not be boring, it can be just as exciting as any other color scheme and twice as sophisticated!

Use plenty of prints. Standard black and white rooms without any patterns or decorations often end up looking like a showroom floor.

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Colour Trends 2011

From cheerful and inspiring shades to evergreen neutral and earthy tones, colours at home are set to take a positive turn in the next 12 months.


Earthbound neutral colours are a perennial favourite and have become ever more significant as the world embraces sustainable living. Unlike last year’s deep browns and strong greys, the new year sees the emergent of a more relaxed neutral palette that results in a modern Zen-inspired look.

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