Mixing Color and Pattern In Interior Design

Mixing Color and Pattern In Interior Design – Designing requires intensive research and planning right from the foundation to the construction level. Your home is your family’s world and shelter which not only protects them from the harsh summer’s as well chilly winter but also gives them pride.

The house reflects the personality of the owner of the house. It need not be a palatial house but should be decent enough so that you feel proud and can feel comfortable in your house after a hectic day of work.

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Dark Colors In Small Spaces

Dark Colors In Small Spaces – When it comes to small spaces people usually say that white is the right color. Today, modern interior designers challenge this theory, which has proved efficient in the past, but a little bit outdated. Deep colors are becoming increasingly popular in houses and offices, despite the fact that some people are still a little bit reluctant in using them. There are dark colors that work in small spaces, because it’s not only about color; it’s also about what complements the color and the scheme of the room: furniture, lights, windows, mirrors and textiles.

Dark colors in small spaces can be sometimes surprising to hear; brown, chocolate brownish, blue, scarlet and purple are just a few of the colors used today in small living spaces.

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Choose Blue Color For Bedroom Design

Choose Blue Color For Bedroom Design – Your bedroom is your haven and should be a place of fun and rest. When choose a color for the bedroom, people always go for calming and relaxing combinations. Cool bedroom decorating colors can be calming, mysterious, regal, meditative or refreshing – it all depends on the hue and tone you use.

The British hotel chain Travelodge made a study in 2,000 houses that proves the best sleep come with blue color of the bedroom – almost 7 hours and 52 minutes. That is the reason why the blue color is mighty detail in home interior design, especially for bedrooms.

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How Colors Can Affect The Atmosphere In Your Home?

How colors can affect the atmosphere in your home? Colors very intensely affect the visual warmth of home. While white, soft green, blue and gray colors that visually cool the home, red, orange, yellow, pink and shades of brown will give it a warmth. To achieve the desired effects with those colors, enough is to introduce them in your home as details or painted on walls.

Excessive number of the colors, especially on the walls, would not be good because it would burden the intensity of the space, unless you are use very gentle tones. Warm colors you can use and play with in any part of the house, from entrance hall to the bathroom.

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Color Affects Mood In Interior Design

Colors have a dramatic effect on our moods and choosing a color palette for your space can determine how you and others feel when they enter. Finding an interior designer that understands the power of color can help you transform your interior design.

Our brains are wired to respond to color. It’s a key aspect of how our visual processing relates to the world. Our brains crave seeing colors every day and lack of color, or the wrong colors, can literally have a depressing effect on our mood. With this fact in mind, it is no surprise that interior designers treat the choice of paint and the shades of furniture, art and accessories with utmost importance. An experienced interior designer will understand the value of calming colors in interior design and will use them accordingly when creating a peaceful home setting.

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Color Trends In Interior Design 2013

Using colors in your interior design is a surefire way to give your home an updated and fresh appearance, and many of the chosen colors make an incredible statement in a room. Here are a few examples of how the colors for upcoming spring 2013 can make an impact on your interior design.

Pantone, the color powerhouse, is well-known for releasing Fashion Color Reports that often dictate the runway trends of the season, especially unique hues and combinations like mixed greens and tangerine. According to the Pantone View home + interiors 2013 book there are 9 color palettes that will dominate the trends in 2013. The 9 color palettes definitely deliver on that promise, covering a broad spectrum of moods and tones for your interior design. Let’s take a look at each one of them:

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