The Antique Longcase Clocks

The Antique Longcase Clocks – The longcase clock is the classic English clock, and is generally considered the finest achievement of English clock-making. Longcases are prized by collectors for the high quality of their cases and movements, and enjoy a wide popularity today.

There are large numbers in circulation, as they were possibly the most widely produced type of antique English clock. They were also produced in the United States – where they are known as tallcases – and on the Continent of Europe, but generally in lesser quantities than in England.

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Make Your Own Wall Clock

Make Your Own Wall Clock – How to make an interesting wall clock? Here are few ideas – you just have to choose your favorite design and have a fun. No matter if you need a wall clock for children’s room, bedroom or sitting room, make you own design and have a fun making it. All ideas that we will give you are very simple and easy to make. Each of them have one thing in common – the only thing you need is the mechanism taken out from some old clock, all the rest are details that you can customize.

1. Perfect minimalism
The minimalistic interior can be decorated with simple clock with very subtle clock hands. Set up only important numbers (usually 3, 6, 9 and 12) and the others mark with dots, dashes or similar. Design and material can vary as you wish (wood, metal…)

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