Brand New Carpet Trends

Brand New Carpet Trends –  If you’re looking for design inspiration, start with one of these four gorgeous new trends.

Going for the natural

Priority is on handmade pieces made from precious, natural materials – the most popular are the hand-weaved and the tribal rugs. Muted whites, taupes and modern copper tonality are big news this season. The clean, classic color palette is complemented by furnishings, draperies and accent pieces in neutral colors with metallic accents. Rose golds and muted silvers are particularly popular.

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Decorating With Vintage Carpets

Decorating With Vintage Carpets – Anyone looking to add vintage carpets to an interior space will find they can drastically change the entire look of any room by using one or more rugs. Of course, there are many different styles when it comes to vintage carpets.

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Luxurious Leather Rugs By Pachamama

Luxurious rugs collection from Italian rug manufacturer Pachamama, it’s a brand new circle leather rugs. Pachamama rugs add warmth and dimension to both contemporary and traditional environments and can be coordinated with different styles given the vast range of designs.

Pachamama using the finest leathers to create these high quality rugs, uniting creative flair and artisan craftsmanship, and combining avant-garde design with the most ethereal magic: this is how birth was given to Pachamama. These rugs collection could give a different interior decorating style of your home.

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Arabic Carpets and Rugs

Carpet designs tended to reflect the history and culture of the region they were created in. Traditionally these carpets sometimes took many months, even years to create, but now the process is much faster, even with those that are still made by hand. Today many handmade carpets are considered to be priceless pieces of art while only a lucky few are ever likely to own one of these particular carpets, carpets are still very popular as furnishings and, for some, simply as decorative items.

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