Reward Yourself with a Freestanding Soaker Bathtub

Soaking tubs are the modern version of the deep immersion bath which was once an ancient ritual for most cultures. However, unlike the traditional tubs, the soaking tubs are relatively deeper which means that the user can comfortably immerse their body all the way to the neck lever while seated or lying. Continue Reading

Wooden Jacuzzi Bathtub by Tempoperdue

Here are a romantic wooden jacuzzi bathtub by tempoperdue. A jacuzzi bathtub that can use for two people. Very romantic and stylish furniture for your bathroom. This wooden jacuzzi bathtub is very elegant and cozy, perfect for a contemporary bathroom – and is available with whirlpool options and color therapy. And with specially designed headrests, leather and a plexiglass table centerpiece, you can have indulgence for the next level. Make a toast and place your glasses of champagne on the table as you lean back to enjoy some relaxing time together.

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Crystal Bathtub by Baldi

Crystal Bathtub by Baldi is an epitome of luxury. It was designed by a single block of the purest rock crystal, mined in the Amazon region. Discovered by Paolo Baldi, the ten-ton block of crystal was transported to Italy intact and was then sculpted with diamond cuts. This exquisite Crystal Bathtub is 2 meters in length and 55cm in height is very comfortable. So if you can afford a $790,000 bathtub, this will be the best choice for you.

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Circular Bathtub Design by Roca

Here are a modern and elegant circular Bathtub design by Roca. A stylish and luxury bathtub, with two people size. The soft and serene look is immediately arresting, the monocoque tub circular draws attention in any bathroom. Include an integrated platform with wood finishes, offering a convenient and out-of-the-way storage for your shampoos, lotions and towels.

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