Bathroom Trends 2019

Bathroom Trends 2019 – Bathroom trends change from month to month, let alone year to year, therefore it can sometimes be difficult staying in touch with the latest trends 2019. Bathroom designers are lately gaining as much popularity as their living room and kitchen counterparts. This is no surprise now that bathrooms are just as frequently used as these other rooms. Because bathroom trends are evolving at such a breathtaking pace, the choice theme for the renovation of your bathroom should reflect your personal style. Continue Reading

Reward Yourself with a Freestanding Soaker Bathtub

Soaking tubs are the modern version of the deep immersion bath which was once an ancient ritual for most cultures. However, unlike the traditional tubs, the soaking tubs are relatively deeper which means that the user can comfortably immerse their body all the way to the neck lever while seated or lying. Continue Reading

Going Green In The Bathroom

Going Green In The Bathroom – Have you ever planned to renew your tiny space with some of today’s hottest eco-friendly trends in bathroom designs? Remember, eco-friendly can also be eco-pretty, as you discover ways to get back to nature and save money with energy efficiency throughout your home. Natural elements and lots of color can give you a complete bathroom makeover with very little expense. Let’s take advantage of Mother Earth and look at ways to embrace her beauty and going green.

When we say ‘going green’ we mean literally, as frosted pastel colors are absolutely the hottest colors of the year. Elusive blue, silvery green, or earth colors are calming hue and easily makes you feel the warmth and gentle breezes of a tropical paradise.

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Timeless Vintage Bathtubs

Timeless Vintage Bathtubs – Vintage home decor has never gone out of style. Indeed, it has always been a fabulous choice for the discriminating consumer. Vintage accessories and fixtures can involve just about any part of the house. Getting to the bathroom in particular, vintage bathtubs have become an ultimate choice for many people. Who can say ‘no’ to antique and vintage items whether for aesthetic beauty, or practical function?

These days, it seems modern designs and styles are continually being introduced to the market. There is the continuous development of styles and designs that incorporate the theme of the modern society and the personal tastes of the individual.

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New Trends In Bathroom Decorations 2015

New trends in bathroom decorations for 2015 – The beginning of each year is an opportunity to discover a new trends in decorations. Colors, furniture, textiles, patterns changing all the time. Some trends last for long time, some are very short, but the common thing for all is that they aim to create a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere. If you follow recent trends, you will love our suggestions for bathroom decorations in 2015. Accents are mostly on natural and relaxing atmosphere.

1. Bathroom as a spa. This trend is around for last few years and it aims to convert a boring room that we use for taking a shower and brushing the teeth, into relaxing, warm and nice part of your home.

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Home Spa: Interior Design Intended For Relaxation

Home Spa: Interior Design Intended For Relaxation – Nowdays, interior design is taking its cues from the peace and relaxation that happens organically in the natural environment. The fact is that most people don’t know how to organize and process the sheer volumes of information they face everyday; what’s important and what isn’t; etc.

It’s for this very reason more and more people are turning an area of their home into a place of retreat; a place to relax and unwind. The most popular choice in 2014 and 2015 is the home spa; a place where one can escape to and unwind.

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