Decorating Your Terrace Space

Decorating Your Terrace Space – A common excuse is that the terrace is just a few square feet, so why bother with it? This sort of attitude deprives you of a very comfortable summer addition to your home. Without going to a lot of trouble or spending a small fortune, you can transform and decorate your terrace into a lovely lounge space where you can soak up the spring and summer sun, enjoy a bit of time outside of the house, and relax of an evening.

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Choose The Perfect Balcony Design

One of the most exterior design features of any house is its balcony. Most people who build a new house or purchase one settle for balcony design that other like, and do not allocate a little portion of their time to try and decide on a balcony design. With the internet constantly growing each day the number of companies presenting their services through the use of online websites is continuously increasing. For this reason, just by performing a simple search, you can find numerous balcony manufacturers that present their customers with a wide variety of balcony design, making it possible for anyone to find their perfect balcony design, regardless of their current house design or budget. Although security should not be a concern with this type of product, you can never be too sure, and should make a few inquiries in order to make sure that the balcony design you have set your mind on will also present you with complete security.

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Fantastic Balcony Garden Ideas

The best thing a plant lover living in high-rise buildings and condos is a balcony garden. A balcony garden can be an excellent retreat for urban gardeners. Fortunately, you do not have to be a master gardener to have a nice balcony garden in your apartment.

The first thing to do of course is examine your balcony. What size is it, how much space do you wish to use for chairs and table, how much for plants? Then there is the matter of growing conditions. Is the railing open or closed, in which direction does the balcony face, is it shaded by buildings or trees, how high up is it? All of these factors will regulate the amount of light available.

You will soon be stopped by your neighbors who will comment on the stunning display of summer hanging flowers you have created in a simple container garden! All it takes is:

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Double Patio Lounger

This cool double patio lounger by innovative young designer Victor M. Aleman has certainly thrown us for a loop! The Loopita Bonita lounger is inspired by the rollercoaster, with its daring, dramatic curves that are just as exciting in chair form. The up-and-over shape is a sculptural masterpiece, (And like its muse, don’t be surprised to find a line-up of folks eager to take it for a spin!) This double seat is the perfect place for two, whether sunning, reading, chatting or napping, face to face. The Loopita Bonita lounger makes a striking addition poolside or on your patio, or place it indoors and shake up your style.

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Rusa Designed by Grant Kirkpatrick and Jon Wesley Rahman

Rusa is the work of KAA Design, a Los Angeles-based firm known for its work on the homes of Tom Hanks and Larry Ellison, and for commercial spaces like Hugo Boss. With beauty and craft as the cornerstones of their practice, this integrated team of architects and designers worked together to develop this collection. Rusa (2010) is all about casual comfort – an emphasis that was inspired by a trip Grant Kirkpatrick took to New Zealand. By spending time in small vacation homes called “bachs,” where people relax and connect with nature, the designer discovered innovative ways to create a rural retreat without sacrificing clean, contemporary design. He returned home and translated those ideas to the furniture the team was creating, employing simple joinery and classic lines to achieve a modern aesthetic. Suitable for residential and contract use.

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Patio Tables with Sunshade

This totally unique patio table by Extremis puts an innovative twist on tradition in interior design. The Hopper table by designer Dirk Wynants was inspired by farmers, hoppers, long days in the fields and the communal celebrations that followed the harvest, at long rows of tables much like this. This modern variation features an industrial galvanized or powder-coated steel frame and exposed bolts, with a natural Iroko wood tabletop and benches. And we appreciate the version with the backrest rail! Also available with an integrated sunshade, this table is a great choice in open patio spaces where shade is scarce. The Hopper table is the recipient of the 2011 Interior Innovation Award and the coveted 2011 Red Dot “Best of the Best” Award. Continue Reading