Downley House Petersfield UK

Downley House is an eco-friendly masterpiece of modern architecture. Contemporary residence is designed in 2012 by Birds Portchmouth Russum Architects situated in Petersfield, United Kingdom. The design is within the style of English nation homes having fun with an unfolding sequence of areas and views and composed of straightforward geometric types nestling inside the panorama. It commences on the round arrival courtroom, extends by way of an oak pergola via the internal backyard courtroom, by which the break stands as a romantic verdant folly, to the cylindrical entrance corridor. The inner circulation flows from the doorway corridor and visitor wing stair alongside the doorway façade and throughout the ‘Foudre’ eating corridor to attach with an extra staircase. This results in the roof backyard which enjoys a panoramic view of the valley and bridges to the hillside to finish the promenade into the panorama.


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Thatched Roof For Unique Appeal Of Your House

Thatching a roof is an age-old tradition. It is hard, demanding work. Today it exists primarily as a restoration activity. Thatching is the craft of building a roof with dry vegetation such as straw, water reed, sedge, rushes and heather, layering the vegetation so as to shed water away from the inner roof.

There are more thatched roofs in the Ireland and United Kingdom than in any other European country. Quality thatching straw can last for more than 45–50 years when applied by a skilled Thatcher.

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MYP House, Argentina by Estudio BaBO

The project consists of a single family suburban house placed within a corner plot in a traditional Country Club in the Pilar area, Buenos Aires, Argentina. With a surface area of 1100 sqm, the site forms part of a new extension of the Club, resulting in an almost inexistent urban context, deprived of both neighboring houses and grown vegetation.

The only significant influence surrounding the plot is the adjacent par three golf course. The plot is completely flat and there is no physical limit between the golf course and its northeastern border, resulting in a magnificent view which also coincides with the best sun orientation.

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Tradition & Beauty In The Golden Ring, Russia

Russian folk art reached the height of popularity with the builders and woodworkers of rural Russia in the 18th-19th centuries. From simple peasant cottages to log-built estates for wealthy merchants, timber houses were decorated with elaborate painted wood carvings. Russia is sometimes referred to as a nation of woodcutters, and this tradition is evident in the wooden houses in the Golden Ring, the historical towns and cities that lie to the northeast of Moscow.

In the rural houses of the Golden Ring, elaborately carved wooden decorations also appeared on the edges of roofs and balconies, but were most beautiful as window surrounds. The carvings were uniquely Russian, an amalgam of Russian folklore motifs, Baroque embellishment and the graceful linear quality of Art Nouveau. They combine flowers, leaves and geometric shapes with stylized depictions of birds and animals, as well as mythological creatures, such as the Sirin—a creature of Russian legend that has the face and chest of a woman and the wings and feathered tail of a bird, most often an owl.

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Modern Pitched Roof House

Sloping roof houses, of course, we rarely encountered today because many of them are now more inclined to a modern minimalist home. This is definitely unique Chenchow Little is one of the most innovative team of architects out of Australia at this time. Project is work of Tony Chenchow and Stephanie Little who make Chenchow Little Architects. The three-storey home is constructed out of steel, zing and glass, both interior and facades are a showcase of architecture vs geometry. Housing construction projects are mostly working within the confines of the house needs, and design concepts. But to house the sloping roof, the design is really built around strict building code guidelines for the environment.

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Canadian Floating House by MOS Design

Designed by Michael Meredith and Hilary Sample of design office MOS Design, the combination cabin/boat dock is located on an island in Lake Huron, Ontario, and floats atop a structure of steel pontoons. This floating house combines country-cottage flair and a wonderful watery appeal for the swimmers, boaters and fishermen out there. Its breathtaking location and cutting-edge design is really a sight to behold both day and night. This floating house sits on the water among windswept trees and the characteristic, rocky Canadian Shield terrain – not an easy spot to built, but definitely worth the effort. This picturesque spot, a 20-minute boat ride from the mainland, provides the perfect backdrop for this island house, which has been described as a “necklace” of buildings strung around the island – a main cottage with an integrated boathouse and dock, and a series of separate cottages to accommodate the many overnight guests that clamber to spend summers here.

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