Antique Chandeliers For Sense Of Elegance

Antique chandeliers are one of the noteworthy parts of our history that are widely remarked for creating and enhancing the decor of the room. The ambiance of any requisite area can easily be impacted with the lighting effect. Gone are the days when chandeliers were thought only as a glass-adorned and crystal lighting fixtures crafted from wood, brass, wrought iron, etc. Now-a-days, with the advancement in the market, these are elegantly designed using variegated materials.

Antique chandelier is an elegant masterpiece adds a sense of elegance. Apart from just brightening the ambiance, these lighting fixtures can lavishly decor the surroundings. An antique chandelier is one of the finest designed chandeliers that stand high in terms of both quality and design.

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How To Identify The Sheraton Style Furniture

Sheraton-influenced furniture dates from about 1790-1820. It’s named for the London furniture designer and teacher Thomas Sheraton (1751-1806), who trained as a cabinetmaker, but is known for his written guides, especially his first, The Cabinet-Maker and Upholsterer’s Drawing-Book. His designs and ideas influenced entire generations of furniture-makers, especially in the young U.S., as seen in the works of early American masters such as Duncan Phyfe, Samuel McIntire, and John and Thomas Seymour.

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Bureaux – gorgeous peace of writing furniture

There are many different types of “writing furniture”, but perhaps the best known is the BUREAU, basically a desk with a hinged flap that folds up when not in use.
Made in quantity from the 18th century, bureaux are generally oak, walnut, pine or mahogany, some lavishly decorated with lacquer or marquerty. They were often combined with bookcases and cabinets to become bureau bookcases or bureau cabinets.
Like ordinary cabinets, these were as much to display the wealth of their owner as for any practical purpose. Many have a strong architectural feel, designed to co-ordinate with the architecture of the rooms in which they stood.

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