The Antique Longcase Clocks

The Antique Longcase Clocks – The longcase clock is the classic English clock, and is generally considered the finest achievement of English clock-making. Longcases are prized by collectors for the high quality of their cases and movements, and enjoy a wide popularity today.

There are large numbers in circulation, as they were possibly the most widely produced type of antique English clock. They were also produced in the United States – where they are known as tallcases – and on the Continent of Europe, but generally in lesser quantities than in England.

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The Best Pieces Of Antique Furniture

Many people enjoy and use the antique furniture and hardly give a thought on how were the woods or the furniture comes into existence. Most of us don’t know from which woods these furniture are made. Here we will look into the best pieces of antique furniture.

Settles. A settle is a bench with arms and a back. Many of them had seats that were hinged to reveal lockers. They date back to the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries, but most surviving examples are of seventeenth-century make and are usually of oak. By about 1700 they were being made on legs and without lockers beneath the seats, and cannot be distinguished from settees.

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