Where Are The Best Places To Use Mirrors In Your Home?

Our houses are full of mirrors. They are everywhere: starting from small mirrors in women’s bags and ending with big mirrors in the living room. Whether large or small, mirrors are a valuable player in home decor. Mirrors can be used as a finish material on walls, and as a cladding on furniture. Hung over fireplaces and placed in frames, mirrors can transform a room from small to roomy in an instant. Mirrors are extremely versatile in that they can represent any décor style, and can also be used in feng shui to channel energy! Your home can benefit from the use of mirrors, and here are some simple uses.They certainly can contribute aesthetically and when used in the right places, they can be quite useful as well. There are a few key spots where mirrors can serve in terms of form and function and they are:

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How to Get Rid of Household Odors

Our homes are incubators for all kinds of smells. Kitchens, basements, pet boxes and closets generate some doozies! Time to freshen up: These quick fixes will reduce or eliminate most common odors.

Unappetizing Kitchen Smells

Source: Cabbage, broccoli or fish
Solution: Set out a small bowl of household vinegar on the counter next to the stove to absorb smells.

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Feng Shui Indoor Plants

Caring for house plants does not require a green thumb. In the practice of Feng Shui its purpose is to generate good chi. Indoor house plants are great for purifying air and bring fresh new chi into the home environment.

Houseplants are great for clearing the blocked and stagnant energies in the home. However, an unkempt house plant can stagnant the energies in the home and produce negative chi if the indoor house plant is not cared for adequately.

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