Milk glass accessories

In honor of that new collaboration between Lonny Mag and Traditional Home, TRADhome, we thought we’d showcase a type of item that has a decidedly traditional-feel, but works wonders in modern homes: fabulous milk glass accessories.

Made of a creamy, fresh-as-spring, white glass, these accessories often have darling little details–bumps, textures and patterns–that give it a traditional, homey, sweet-as-pie feeling.

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The Best Accessories for Your Kitchen

Make your kitchen space more beautiful! Modern kitchen appliances offer a wide variety of sleek designs, sizes, and finishes to blend in with your kitchen decor.  There are styles and colors to suit every kitchen and a wonderful variety of appliances to cook everything!

A sink that holds everything…a garlic press that multitasks…countertops crafted from the most beautiful woods in the world, and much, much more!

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Cosmopolitan Kitchen Faucet Line

This cosmopolitan-style kitchen faucet line is just the thing to take your culinary work space from drab to fab. The industrial-chic aesthetic makes a visually interesting addition to the modern kitchen. This architectural faucet has a distinctive arched coil enclosing a flexible hand-held spray, handy for food prep and clean-up afterward. This kitchen faucet line is also available with a side spray, or no spray, allowing you to customize your workstation. Equipped with a single-lever control featuring Grohe’s SilkMove technology, you enjoy precise flow and temperature management. Choose from two main versions: semi-professional and regular, in high-gloss chrome and stainless steel finish. Continue Reading

Accessories for modern ceramic bathroom

You’ll love these chic, modern ceramic bathroom accessories by Fap Ceramiche. Putting the finishing touches on your new bathroom? Or perhaps you want to give your old one a quick and easy facelift. This shelf, brush holder, glass and soap dish are just the thing to infuse some personal style into your bathroom. Choose from chic designs, like the popular birdie theme done in white and gold, or the swirl and graphic motifs finished in white and silver. The look is trendy but timeless, and one you’ll enjoy for years to come. Continue Reading