Table Linens And Towels For Different Occasions

Table linens can accent any decor, from informal, to a white tie affair. Table linens can make even the most modest house into an elegant home. The manufacturing of linen is fascinating. Linen is made from the fibers of the flax plant. It has been even been known to be made from the fibers of cannabis.

Table linens come in a variety of sizes shapes and colors. They can have patterns or be solid colors. Table linens are a subtle addition to every home. They can be table cloths or placemats, and of course napkins. When choosing table linens to purchase, there are characteristics to look for. They are a combination of construction, materials, and design. The cotton material makes the table linen more durable and easier to clean. When choosing table linen, choose something that is smooth, if the table linen has ‘knots’ in it, move on to the next piece. Table linen should have a lustrous sheen to them.


Sferra Table Linens, Opulence of Southern Pines

Workmanship is everything. Make sure that all designs are evenly spaced and all colors are uniform. Check the seams and make sure that all are even and no stitches are missing. By taking these steps, you are insuring that the table linen you purchase will last long enough for you to pass it down to your grandchildren.

Table linens can be made out of either linen or cotton. Both are natural fibers however, linen is made out of the flax plant found only in western and northern Europe. Cotton comes from the cotton plant found all over the world in hot humid climates. Both of these fabrics become softer with use, and are durable and absorbent.

chantily table-linens2

Chantilly Lace Table Linens, made in France (left), Matouk ‘Savannah Gardens’ Table Linens, made in USA (right) – Neiman Marcus

The difference between the too fabrics is that linen is lighter in weight and does not collect lint. Cotton is a slightly heavier fabric and often shrinks. Although both are considered appropriate for formal occasions, linen is always preferred.

When choosing table linens for a formal occasion such as a banquet or wedding, a solid color with subtle delicate embroidery. Table linens with a pattern on it are used for an informal setting among friends.

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Yves Delorme of Paris Table Linens, Jacquard-woven, cassis and peppermint colourways.

When choosing table linens for a special event there are a few things that should be taken into consideration. First is what is the event? Is it a barbeque or a wedding? There are different table linens for different events. Where is the location of your event? What is the color scheme of where the event will be held?

If the event is indoors, bright colors should be used. It the event is outdoors in a park or garden, than pastel colors should be used. Different colors should be use for each season. Bright colors should be used in the spring and in the summer. Darker, bolder colors should be used in autumn and winter.

table-linens5 table-linens4

Castellane Outdoor Table Linens (left), ‘Dori’ Table Linens (right) – Neiman Marcus

Remember that soft colors induce a refined dignified atmosphere. When choosing the size of a tablecloth, take into consideration the event. If you are hosting a wedding, then the tablecloth should reach the floor. If it is a birthday party or barbeque, the tablecloth should hang down about twelve inches from the table. Also, the tablecloth should be the shape of the table.

It is always a good idea to purchase a table liner when you purchase your table linens. A liner is a thick piece of cloth that is placed under the table linen on top of the table. They are designed to protect the table from heat and scratches. They can also help create a draping effect for the table linens.


Wedding table linen

Table linens care. Table linens can be washed at home in cold water. They can either be line dried or in a dryer on the delicate cycle. They need to be taken out have the dryer right away and either folded or put on a hanger to prevent wrinkles. If the linens are made out of lace, taffeta or silk, or if they have fringe on them, dry cleaning is necessary.

Make sure that bleach or harsh detergents are not used on these fabrics. Ironing table linens will give them a clean crisp look. When ironing, place a damp towel between the linen and the iron. NEVER place a hot iron directly on linen. If you are hesitant to iron your linen, take it to the dry cleaner, they will do it for you.

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Noel Tablecloth, fine French table linens, hand-printed. Designed by Bruno Lamy exclusively for Couleur Nature. Perfectly suited to the Christmas holidays.

It is very important to store table linens very carefully. If they are expensive or old tablecloths, fold them and store them in a cool dark closet or drawer with acid free paper between each one.

For everyday linen, fold each tablecloth over a wooden hanger and hang them in a dark closet. There are some types of linens that require extra special care. The linens that were past down from generations of grandmothers need to be wrapped in special acid free paper and stored in a dark closet because of the uv lighting. This can damage old linen beyond repair.


Tea-time & Dessert table linen

Napkins are usually not big enough to put on hangers, it is recommended that they be folded and put in plastic containers and placed in a dark closet also.

Towels have a place in every home. Everyone has towels. That is one thing that is never thrown out. We are always buying new towels but never get rid of the old ones.

There are towels for every day use, towels for guest use and towels just for decor. We have dish towels and bath towel and towels for just about any use in our homes. There are so many uses for old towels; it is difficult to throw them out.


Sunflower Tablecloths, suitable for everyday use. Designed exclusively for Couleur Nature by Parisian artist Bruno Lamy.

They could be used as dust rags or to wash the car. There are just so many uses for them. Even if a towel is old ragged and is full of holes, it is possible to find a use for them. We are always looking for something to wipe up a spill with.

For those who are inventive, they can take the old towels, cut them into patches and sew them together to make an incredible beach towel in any size that you want.


Blue striped kitchen towels, French country style, $42.00, Etsy


Water Lily Towels, Anali Pond Life Collection


Sea Turtle Towels Collection, Gump’s San Francisco.

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