Swiss Home Decor Ideas

Swiss Home Decor Ideas – Here are some of the Swiss home decor ideas that you might want to use in your own house if you feel like visiting Switzerland without having to be physically there in the country. So, just continue reading and digesting this article for you to get the right information and some new ideas.

Traditionally shaped and designed walls, furniture and wall are commonly made of wood, especially those softwoods that are unpainted and untreated. Aside from the wardrobes, cupboards, buffets and cabinets, the interior of a traditional Swiss house also contains wooden chests where you can put your clothes and other personal belongings.


The floors in a Swiss house are usually made of the terracotta tiles while those in the work areas are made of bricks. The Swiss homes also have no place for your typical posh china for here, what they prefer are the earthenware bowls and jugs as well as the heavy porcelain that you will see kept in the buffets or plate racks.

A Swiss country home on the rural areas is usually dominated in their living room with a large tiled oven which can be in brown, green or blue which can almost reach their low ceiling. This is also a place where people can talk and sit while they warm themselves during the winter because it is surrounded by those cushioned benches.

Their sofas also have high backs, with sober colored upholstery and woolen blankets placed on them. To cover some portions of the floor, the Swiss also use rag rugs. Good thing, these materials are not hard to find because they come in wide varieties and assortments in the market today.

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To incorporate the Swiss home decor in your own house, you can paint interior wall with white or even sky blue. By doing this, you can liven up your home due to their cool pastels. Most of the interior textiles are also white such as wool, linen and cotton. Your tablecloths, window curtains as well as doilies can be made or edged with crochet lace. Can you imagine how good it could look?







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