Sustainable Window Treatments Ideas

Sustainable Window Treatments Ideas – You can do many things to make your home more environmentally friendly. Buying green and sustainable window treatments is a good place to start. Sustainable window treatments help the environment and save you money by making your home more energy efficient. Heat is typically lost through your windows, so using insulated window treatments drastically reduces heat transfer.

Insulated Roman Shades

An insulated Roman shade should have three layers to work effectively – a face, an interlining and a back lining. Roman shades do not filter natural light from the window.



Bamboo is a natural material choice for sustainable window treatments. Bamboo grows an average of three feet per day, so after one batch is harvested another is planted and grown rather quickly, makes it quite sustainable. Bamboo can be made into soft, silky textile for curtains, or it can be cut into slats for blinds.


Wooden Or Woven Blinds

Wooden blinds made from recycled sawdust or scrap wood lend to a natural-looking decor. They are made of materials that would have languished in a landfill had they not been repurposed. Woven blinds are made from dried grass or jute. Like bamboo, jute and grass are extremely renewable.


Buy Used Window Treatments

Buying old blinds, curtains or window treatments is another way to have sustainable window treatments. If more people recycled and reused household items there would be significantly less waste in landfills. Look at second-hand shops and search online auctions for window treatments that are used yet still in good condition. You should also recycle your old window fixtures.

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