Stylish Vanities by Nea

There’s a reason it’s called a “vanity” – these stunning stylish vanities by Nea are something to be seen! The Amelie collection is like its name – soft, feminine, pretty. The glass countertop and integrated sink has a smooth, fluid aesthetic that’s perfectly complemented by its stylized edges. Under the counter, stash your makeup, potions and lotions in the cosmetic drawer, out of sight and out of mind. Underneath, another drawer offers extra storage for towels and other bathroom basics. The vanity fronts are adorned in gold leaf and gorgeous details, encouraging a beauty routine that’s perhaps a little longer that if you were seated at just any old vanity. Choose a deck- or wall-mounted faucet, and paired with a matching mirror, these stylish vanities are what we call “well groomed”! For more info visit Nea.

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