Study Room & Feng Shui Principles

Study room is one the essential that needs a lot of positive energy and the concept of Feng Shui serves as the best source for the flow of positive Chi in your study room. What Feng Shui will bring or what not is not important, but putting the desks, chairs, and study room equipment according to Feng Shui will definitely create an environment for free movement of air and freshness. The benefits of Feng Shui are – feeling of empowerment, good health, increased self esteem, increased energy, and awareness of synchronism. Feng Shui is also related to the furniture, plants inside study room; color of rooms and halls and to name a few. All these together strive to make a productive environment.

Here are few tips that help you to design your study room according to Feng Shui principles.

– The study room should be clutter-free because messy room always produce negative Chi.
– The desk should be positioned in such a way that the window is on the left of the person when he is sitting at the desk.
– Always place your study chair where no shelves are present.
– The study chair should be comfortable while sitting and having a high back is preferable.
– However, if there is no window place then; placing a mirror on the left of the person is also a good idea.
– Try not to have your child sit straight in front of a window which will lack their concentration.
– Place a plant like Bamboo and cactus or a wind chime near the window which will ensure that nothing threatening enters through the window.
– Make sure that nothing piercing or sharp is directed towards the chair, as this will create more bad energy.
– Place a picture that’s symbolic of water behind the chair, this will help your child to increase the flow of creative energy.
– Do not have a tree growing too near to your study room.

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These following tips will prove to be more fruitful for your little creative soul!

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