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Storage heaters are a cleverly designed heater that work by storing thermal energy at night to be released slowly the following day. Because electricity is cheaper at night than during the day, a storage heater can allow big savings to be made. These types of heater are generally made from high density bricks that work as excellent insulators. Additional insulator panels are used between the bricks and outside them too in order for the heat to be slowly released into the home or building without much waste. Night storage heaters are an economical way to heat a home or office.

Normally storage heaters have two controls – an input control and an output control. The input control is called a charge control and it controls the amount of heat that is being stored by the heater. The output control is more correctly known as the draught control, and this controls the rate at which heat is released from the heater into the property.

They can either be controlled manually, or can be set up to work on a thermostat. When the desired amount of heat has been retained or the desired amount released, the heater will discontinue retaining or releasing heat.


Dimplex Quantum Energy Night Storage Heater

Storage heaters can be very economical to run, although there are considerations to make before heading out to buy one. For example, if you are not home during the day then this type of heater is not appropriate as the heat will be released automatically. If you are not there to take advantage of this then it is a waste. It is vital that you get the right size of heater. Purchasing one that is too small will mean additional heating during the day will be needed, but getting one too large will mean large amounts of electricity will be consumed when heating it. It is quite easy to get it wrong when it comes to storage heaters so doing homework first is important.

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Alternatives to using electric storage heaters to heat your home are central heating systems, panel heaters, fan heaters and other tools such as towel radiators. None of these methods offer the same economical value however as a storage heater. Central heating can be very costly to run and must remain on day and night in order to provide a constant temperature. The same is true of other types of electrical heating systems such as panel heaters and plug-in heaters like fan heaters. These are very costly to run as they require so much electricity and need to remain on for long periods of time.


Storage Heater Controls

Because storage heaters are heated when electricity is cheaper and retain it overnight to be released during the day they are an excellent way to heat the home. There is no other method as cost effective and energy efficient in fact. They are kinder on the environment too than other heating systems as they require less energy to work. Having central heating or electric heaters on constantly during the day wastes a large amount of energy and requires a lot of fossil fuels to be burnt in order to do so.


Olsberg Astral Night Storage Heater 2.55kW Automatic Quality Electric Radiator

Storage heaters are a friend to both the environment and kind on your pocket. They work very well to heat the home saving you plenty of money in the process. Getting the right sized model for your home is important but once it is installed and working you will see reduced bills and benefit from a warm and toasty house. Night storage heaters, including branded products such as Creda storage heaters work excellently in any home to keep it warm.

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