Steps to Take Before a Pest Control Treatment

Cockroaches, rats, spiders, flies, bed bugs and other insects are not just a nuisance that creep us out, but are also carriers of diseases. Along with regular deep cleaning, you also need to prevent pest infestation in your home with regular pest control treatments. If you suspect your home has already been infested, get a professional like Pest Control in Lorton as soon as possible to deal with the situation.

Different pests leave varying signs of infestation. As a homeowner, you should be aware of the common ones so that you can address the problem quickly. Pest droppings are one the most common signs of a pest infestation, and you should check your property for them regularly. This includes physical damage in the form of holes, damaged wood, gnaw marks, and chewed  wire, just to name a few. A pest infestation might also damage your plants or lawn.

Professionals are the best ones to deal with pest control and infestation as they will ensure that your home is free of them. They can be especially helpful for pests like bed bugs that are more difficult to spot and control. Here are some ways you can prepare your home before the pest control service team arrives for an effective treatment.

Relocate your pets

It is best to keep your pets away from the areas where the pest control treatment will be done, as they might be sensitive to the chemicals. Pets like cats and dogs can be relocated for a few hours to a couple of days after the treatment is done to ensure they don’t accidentally ingest pesticides, which can lead to health problems. Caged pets should also be relocated. If you’re unsure, you should call your veterinarian for advice.

Move furniture and cover items

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Exterminators will need access to your whole house to inspect for infestation. Move your furniture away from the walls and windows to make it easier for the exterminators to move around and do their job. If your bathroom is also going to be sprayed, it is best to empty it out. Any items out in the open like your toothbrushes, floss, soap, food and more, should be covered or removed.

Clean your floors and carpets

Mopping can help in increasing the effectiveness of pest control treatment. If you already have an infestation, you can also clean the floors and vacuum the carpets to remove any visible pests before the exterminators arrive. Dispose of the cloth and vacuum bags used to do this and wipe down any other cleaning supplies used.

Once the pest control treatment is complete, you should wait for the recommended amount of time before moving the furniture and other items back to their original place. Do not clean the premises right after the treatment, as it will reduce its effectiveness. Most exterminator teams will leave a clean house when they are done. If any open items were sprayed during the process, remove and replace them. Keep checking your property after as you might find some dead pests around the house that you should clean up.

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