Stained Glass Lamps

Stained Glass Lamps – There are lots of people who think a stained glass lamp is an attractive interior design feature. But they might not be certain how they can add this design element to a room without completely changing the decor. In generations past, stained glass lamps such as the Tiffany glass lamps were considered to be very formal. They were also very expensive. Therefore many people tended to use them only in the areas of their home where they would entertain, like the sitting room and parlor. These days, though, stained glass lamps come in a variety of looks, including more casual designs. So it isn’t that difficult to find one that can blend into your current home decor. Stained glass lamps are available in a wide range of patterns. And each manufacturer will feature its own distinct designs.


Color is an important consideration if you plan on purchasing a Tiffany style lamp that suits your decor. The lamp’s colors must suit the general appearance of the area. However, they don’t have to be a perfect match. Sometimes a contrasting piece is very effective, as long as it suits the general theme. Sometimes stained glass lamps utilize only a few key colors to produce an eye catching pattern. But some lamps feature a variety of vibrant colors to depict their chosen pattern. Frequently they portray some truly attractive aspect of nature.

If you feature a lot of basic colors or earth tones throughout your home you might prefer a stained glass lamp that uses just a few different colors. So you’ll find it easier to blend in with the look that you already have. Matching up colors won’t be a worry. Rather, you can choose a style that has just one bold color in it to make it a focal point of the room.

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But if your decor encompasses lots of different elements, an attention grabbing multi-colored lamp might be just what you’re looking for. These will often look great in a room with a range of different colors, patterns and textures. This environment lends itself to more freedom of expression, so matching up colors precisely really isn’t an issue.

Another consideration is the level of detail in the area where you plan on locating your lamp. If it has a simple theme, then a lamp pattern that is also simple and subtle will be more appropriate. Stained glass patterns that are more detailed and feature lots of different colors are better suited to rooms that have lots of other points of interest. Therefore, your stained glass light fixture will fit right in.




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