Spring Clean Your Patio

Spring is great for a lot of reasons, but if you are lucky enough to have a patio you can access, it is the season where you can emerge from the confines of your house and finally begin using it again. As soon as the sun starts shining each year, it’s time to get your patio in shape. Our simple but effective tips are guaranteed to get it looking as good as new – you’ll be desperate to get out there with a good book and a glass of red!






If your patio is home to bikes, tools, toys and broken plant pots – be ruthless! Store away only those things you know you’re going to use, recycle anything useful and put the rest in the bin.

Clear the weeds

Weeds are an eyesore. Whether tiny stragglers or big bushes, they look tatty and will make your patio uninviting.
– Scraping them out by the root with a kitchen knife is simple yet deadly effective.
– Strimming with a garden strimmer is only a temporary fix as the weeds will soon resurface.
– Weed killer can be used, but apply sparingly and not on a windy day when it could blow on to other plants.


Get scrubbing

A thorough clean with a stiff broom will make a world of difference.
– Lukewarm, soapy water is all you need if the dirt is fairly minimal.
– If your patio hasn’t been cleaned for years, or if there’s moss or algae present, you’ll need to use a patio cleaner, preferably an eco-friendly one.
– Hose clean any excess dirt, apply according to instructions and gently scrub to remove stubborn dirt. Hose down and give a final sweep with a broom to leave your patio looking instantly cleaner.
– If your patio is really dirty, consider hiring or buying a pressure washer to give it a deep clean. But be careful – excess water pressure can damage paving, lift the mortar and cover you in patio filth!

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In the end…

Now that your patio is looking lovely, make sure the surroundings are too! Adjacent flower beds should be watered and flowers regularly dead-headed. Make sure that any French doors or windows overlooking the patio are clean and shiny.

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