Small Spaces Can Look Great With The Right Decor

Many people today have been forced into smaller living spaces because of the economic downturn. Empty nesters may want to rid themselves of decades of clutter now that the offspring are grown up. Urbanites are willing to give up living space in exchange for the city’s hustle and flow.

Whatever the reason, there’s no way that the accouterments of a suburban five-bedroom house are going to fit into a 1,200-foot apartment or condo.

Here are some ideas for decorating a small space:

Choose a minimalist approach in decorating. You don’t really have much space to speak of anyway, so using what little you have should be done wisely. You don’t want to crowd your home with too many things. To create an impression of a bigger room, use light colors as such tones open up space. There are many selections of light colors to choose from including neutrals, white, pale blue, sage green and mocha.


Chances are that your apartment or condo has only one bedroom or at most two (one of which you’ve turned into an office for your web design business). One way to increase your hospitality space is to get a sofa bed. These sofas are usually more compact than standard couches, and some of the contemporary designs come in bright primary colors such as blue and red. Just be careful to choose something that’s going to harmonize with your surroundings. Some sofa beds come with underneath space for keeping bed linens – a real plus if your apartment is short on closet space. Look for models that come with a removable cover you can dry clean and a washable mattress pad. That way you can keep it in good condition no matter how many people crash at your place.

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Every room requires a focal point and in most of the cases, the focal point is the largest piece of furniture. Your television or the entertainment center is likely to be the longest piece of furniture and also the focal point. Place the entertainment center against an empty wall. If your budget permits you, invest in a flat screen television.

Make use of storage as much as you can so there won’t be any strewn objects. The more organized your place, then the more spacious it will look. Built-in shelves and cabinets are a great way to save floor space. You can allot the space for other furnishings like tables and chairs. Just make sure that you use sleek pieces and not bulky ones.

There are also convertible furniture that you can take advantage of. They’re not only multi-functional but are space-friendly, ideal for a small space.

Finally, you will need a place to put up your feet after that hard day. A small ottoman with storage space inside is perfect – just reach inside when it’s time for the next DVD. It also can double as an extra seat when you have guests Look for a model with leather-like vinyl so that it’s easy to clean but still looks snappy.

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