Small Home Office With Style

Small Home Office With Style – Very often we bring our work home, which can have some advantages. We can better organize our free time and spend more time with family in relaxing atmosphere. If you need a separate space for doing your job, here are few suggestions you may like. Create your small home office with style!

If you need only a writing desk it is really easy to organize it with style and functionality. If you don’t have a study – it’s not a problem. Put the writing desk next to the window or in a corner that is not in use.


The writing desk can be a simple wooden board on the sturdy legs or dining table which is not in the use. Paint it in white, that will help to have a better light in working space.

The working spaces look gorgeous in industrial style. Old school-type table would be an excellent choice. Old and uncomfortable chair can easily become a small table for a jug with water. The whole look should be mixed with 1980s-style metal table lamp that can be repainted.

To divide your working space from the rest of the room, paint the wall in contrast color or in the shade a bit different from the major wall color. You can also put the panelling on the wall. Use grey or olive green color.

If two people in the house need a working space, simply use a extra big table. To enrich the space, put few shelves on the wall, interesting lightning and plants.
Small home office could be really nice and practical part of your home. You don’t need any expensive desks or big leather chairs, but a bit of imagination and creativity.

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