Shelving Options For Your Home

Shelving Options For Your Home – Shelving makes the perfect storage space, and the reason for this is because the items stored can be seen from all sides. It is also excellent because all sorts of odd shaped and oversized items can be housed here. People tend to think of books when they think of what to store on shelves, but the truth is so much more than books can be stored in this way. There are many different types of shelving available to choose from and this article acts as a guide to what is available and how each type can be used.

House shelving tends to be more decorative than other types. This is because it is often on display in sitting rooms and bedrooms. Although books and magazines can be stored easily here, shelving can also be used to hold a multitude of personal items.


In bedrooms, pots, jars and other display cases can be filled with items and placed on the shelves. As well as holding books and folders, it can also be used to store DVDs, photo albums and even items of clothing. A good way to decorate shelving in the bedroom is to paint it so it fits in with the rest of the decor, or stick postcards or photographs onto the shelves. This helps blur the edges too so the shelves don’t seem so angular.


In the sitting room, shelves can be filled with wicker baskets filled with television remotes, board games, computer games, even wires and cables for the television equipment. Anything from cameras to car keys and playing cards can be kept in storage containers on the shelves. This makes them not only attractive to look at but useful too.

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The kitchen is an ideal room for shelving. Everything from food to cookery books and cutlery can be kept on the shelves. Because they are so versatile, the shelving can be placed at any height and can be of any length too. This is beneficial when there is little room to play with. Cupboards need more room than shelves because they have doors that open. Cupboards can also be limiting because they need plenty of room beneath them to avoid banging your head when cooking or preparing food.


Shelves make a very attractive addition to any kitchen, especially when they are used wisely and thoughtfully. For example you might not display your torn packets of spices and herbs, but you might want to keep nice jars filled with different pasta shapes. By carefully dressing the shelves you find that very little other decoration is needed in the room. The same can be said for shelves in any room in the house in fact. This is one of the reasons they are the most cost effective storage for the home and garage.


In the garage or garden shed, shelves are perfect for keeping everything ordered. Heavy duty shelves are ideal for this purpose as items in the garage or shed tend to be large and heavy and need some solid support underneath. There are plenty of different types to choose from including metal storage units and industrial style designs. Home offices also benefit from shelves. Books, files, a printer or even a pot plant can be stored on home office shelves. They are particularly good if you have just a very small office space and therefore need to use the walls up to the ceiling for storage space.

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Shelving in the home makes the perfect storage solution. Better than storage cupboards and other specialist equipment, they are quick to assemble, take up minimal space and work brilliantly to house all sorts of items. Whether it’s a home office you need storage for or your kitchen, or you’re just looking for the perfect partner for your work bench shelving provides the ideal solution.


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