Shabby Chic Cottage House

From cottage style decor details to vintage finds paired with modern casual furniture pieces, engulfs shabby chic interiors, and homeowners love them! Re-purposed furniture and weathered furniture give shabby chic decorative styling and the details are easy to duplicate in your home.

Here are tips to bring the casual elegance of shabby chic details into your home.

Worn decor is beautiful

The beauty of shabby chic interiors is the use of weathered, worn finishes that look beautiful with chipped paint and casual furniture that looks like it has a history. To recreate the distressed look in your home, consider painting vintage furniture white, or neutral light tones. Use sandpaper, or chains or a hammer to distress the surface by knocking off pieces of paint. You will be surprised how gorgeous shabby chic decor can make your brand new look old and beautiful.


Romantic interiors categorize shabby chic

One of the gorgeous qualities of this style is the use of soft colors, and neutral color palettes. Soft neutrals such as eggshell whites, sky blue, and soft roses and neutral beiges and tans give a cottage style appeal to shabby chic interiors. Consider bringing quaint lighting such as wall sconces and chandeliers adorned with crystal, or decorative pillows with lace and layers of soft colors and floral patterns can combine shabby chic styles together beautifully.

shabby-chic worn-e1307091273413

Modern styling marries vintage detailing

Over the years designers have found a way to combine modern elements such as stainless steel kitchen appliances and vintage detailing, such as white farmhouse cabinetry to form a unique twist on shabby chic. This union makes for a casual and laid back vibe in home interiors, but still represents nostalgia and history. To get the look in your home, find modern elements, such as lighting, appliances, or finishes, and pair them with a weathered dining room table, a butcher block kitchen island, or rustic wall finishes to bring the modern yet shabby chic feel into your interiors.

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shabby-chic dining-room

Arranging furniture for function and comfort

Shabby chic furniture placement usually focuses on comfort, conversation areas, and relaxing configurations of tables, chairs, and beds. For many decorative styles that are formal, symmetrical, and strict, shabby chic is more about comfortable living that is family and entertaining friendly.

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To get the look in your home, offer plenty of seating areas that interact with other furniture to emphasize relaxing conversations, lazy Sunday afternoons, and use laid back textiles like cotton, khaki, and denim to emphasize these pieces.


If you’re trying to recreate the casual essentials of shabby chic in your home, these tips will get you started. Keep in mind this design style is supposed to look timeless and comfortable. While you can have formal details, the overall aesthetic should make you want to escape the busy world outside and retreat into soft tones, comfortable fabrics, and a vintage vibe inside your home. For more ideas, see designer’s takes on shabby chic, and see the many variations that are available for this beautiful trending style.

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