Shabby Chic Bedding Ideas

Shabby Chic Bedding Ideas – Shabby chic is a style which has been becoming more and more popular every year since the 1980’s. It is really all about vintage style décor which can be mixed and matched. Using shabby chic bedding is the best way to add this look to your bedroom while getting the best quality product for your money.

So many people adore this style because it is just so inexpensive. You can shop for items at garage sales and thrift shops. However while this might be OK for picture frames, end tables, and similar items when it comes to bedding you are always much better off buying new. That way you get the vintage look but brand new high quality linens.


Shabby chic collection by Rachel Ashwell

Since shabby chic is just so popular may designers have come up with their own lines to provide consumers with an affordable yet incredibly stylish option. A perfect example is Rachel Ashwell who actually coined the name of this style. She teamed up with Target the retail store, to offer both bedding and furniture. Target shabby chic bedding is an easy way to go that won’t cost too much. You can also find this same line on the internet in places like Amazon which has many other products that are made with this style in mind and will have a ‘distressed’ look but are of course new.


One of the biggest advantages of this style is that it is just as appealing to kids and teens as it is to adults. Sheet sets, duvet cover sets, quilt sets, and comforter sets all can be great deals each with their own included items.

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Many people don’t realize that there are even options for babies. Shabby chic bedding for nursery can give you that vintage look for your baby’s room and crib and at the same time a comfy and super soft place to sleep. A typical set will include items like a bumper, crib skirt, coverlet, and sheet. However, there are some which also have many other adorable accessories, making them a great looking gift idea for new parents. More and more moms and dads are choosing to go with shabby chic not only for its looks but because it is gender neutral and is a style your child can grow into. Plus, any bedroom décor you buy you can use for years to come.


The most popular color for the shabby chic bedding

Without a doubt the most popular color in all bedding of this style is white. This allows for an elegant and clean look which is easy to match. White shabby chic bedding can of course be combined with other colors and many times is used with floral designs as well. There really is a lot to choose from.

For that vintage look you can’t beat shabby chic bedding. Whether it’s for a newborn, teen, or adult, it not only looks fabulous but has got the quality to match. However, don’t forget to shop sets for the best possible deals, in all sizes, color and types.







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