Selection Of The Wallpaper For The Nursery

Decorating the nursery is an exciting and fun way to prepare for the new arrival. With so many choices in cute nursery decorations, picking just the right one may be harder than you thought. In order to provide a unified look or theme, it is probably best to choose the wallpaper first and work the other decorations around that theme.

Since the walls and the floor are the foundation of the décor, you definitely need to have those picked out before adding any other items. If you choose to pick items first, you may find that you can not find wallpaper or flooring that go with those chosen items. Choosing the wallpaper and flooring before anything else will make finding the other items easy.


Woodland themed wallpaper from Hibou Home

With so many themes to choose from in nursery décor, you will want to consider your style and tastes. You may also want to consider that the baby will eventually have tastes of his/her own. Decorating the nursery in an ocean theme may give the baby a soothing place to come home to, but she may grow up to like fairy princess themes. You don’t want to start redecorating as soon as the baby is able to express interests.

Painting a huge mural in the nursery may be tempting. Keep in mind that classic images will be more likely to grow with your child than trendy fads of the time. If the design can be added to without major changes, you can let the room grow with the child’s tastes without having to totally redecorate every time the child’s interests fluctuate.

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If you don’t want to totally wallpaper the nursery, you can choose from decorative borders that can be placed at the crown of the room or at chair rail height. Be careful with the chair rail border if the crib or bed is close to it since a toddler may decide to redecorate by picking at it in boredom during the night. There are also wallpaper cut outs that do not take up a lot of wall space, but they do add a cute baby touch and can easily be removed and replaced as the baby grows.

wallpaper1 wallpaper5

Brunschwig & Fils L ESPALIER SKY BLUE (left), wallpaper by Les Contemplatives (right)

wallpaper2 elephants-wallpaper

Brunschwig & Fils PIERRE STRIPE SKY BLUE (left), Alice Apple wallpaper (right)


Enchanted Wood Peony Wallpaper, Hibou Home Collection


Beth Douglas nursery wallpaper design


Green Pink Daisy Sidewall SK6358PW Wallpaper, Interior Place


Blue Pink Floral Trail PW3926 Wallpaper, Interior Place


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