Scandinavian Interior Design

Scandinavian Interior Design – Scandinavian decorating style is a mix of classic and modern style, and its main feature is functionality and minimalism. The first thing we think of when it comes to the Scandinavian countries are long, dark and cold winters, short days and lack of daylight. Scandinavian interior decoration style was created for practical reasons, first of all for the need to bring the heat and daylight in the home.

The main features of Scandinavian interiors are bright colors, natural materials, functionality and flexibility. The room is cozy and warm, spacious and airy, which is contrary to the climate that prevails in these countries.


The house windows are of large dimensions and generally do not have curtains, so that the daylight penetrated straight into the interior. The floors are always made of wood, usually it comes in light colors.

The color that dominates the interior is white, from very bright to dirty white, but there are also beige, pastel blue and gray, as well as natural wood color. The white color oppose to details in bright colors like red or yellow. Those bright colored accents are usually cushions, paintings, carpets, bedding, lamps and so on. Kitchens are usually in a rustic style and light color.


The furniture is simple, mostly in straight lines with individual rounded details. For making the furniture usually is used wood in light tones such as fir, white pine and birch. Space is never cluttered with furniture, which gives the impression of freshness and purity. Furthermore, rug-making has become a very important avenue of artistic expression in Scandinavia. Scandinavian rug-makers continue to produce unique and enduring works that represent those design elements and aesthetic ideals most important to the culture of the region.


Gudrun Sjödén Design Unique Rugs

Details of the interior are again simple in shape because their main aim is to meet the purpose and function. They can be modern or classic, organically shaped, and often meet and oriental elements and rustic character. Scandinavian interior design is admired by those who love pure lines, simplicity of forms and plenty of natural light.

The basic rule of Scandinavian interior design style is to keep natural look and feeling. That is best reflected in the choice of materials and fabrics. The most commonly used materials are linen and cotton. Motives and textures are taken also from nature floral motifs, snowflakes, branches, landscapes, or simple geometric patterns.


Scandinavian style is one of the most modern and the most abundant styles in the world today. What makes it effective, attractive and always current is its functionality and deep connection with nature.



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