Saltillo Mexican Ceramic Tile

Do you have any plan to replace your wooden panel floor into tile ceramic floor? Many home interior expert did suggest their client to use ceramic tile on their first floor, especially for people who domicile at tropical region or near tropical line region, with hot and high humidity, such as California, Texas, New Mexico, etc. Ceramic tile has been widely know as the best material to absorb heat and make the room and floor cooler.

In high humidity area, using wooden floor is not effective and could be costly, since it need regular replacement. High humidity make the wooden panel less longer then it should. contrary to ceramic tile, besides it role to decrease room temperatures, it also last longer and more intact. Many houses that used ceramic tile never require to replace their floor in regular period, except they want to change the design entirely.

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One of ceramic tile that you could consider is Saltillo tile, this is one of the popular tile product from Mexico, more specifically from city of Saltillo, Coahuila. One of the reason why this Mexican ceramic tile is so famous is because it vary slightly in color and shape, but mostly range from oranges, hues, red and yellows. It has been long recognize as one of the icon of Saltillo. You could get this Saltillo tile at the best deal at South Texas Saltillo Connection or STSC.

STSC is one of big provider with reputable name on ceramic tile distribution, including altillo, Talavera, marble, Terra Cotta, copper, etc. This Texas based company promising that their product is always at wholesale prices, which will sure you that you only get the lowest and cheapest offer available. So, you do not only get the high quality and famous Saltillo tile, but also get the best deal for it, pretty nice offer indeed.


Terracotta Mexican Tile has the characteristic of an imperfect tile. It has many color variations ranging from dark orange, red, yellow, and light pinks. Manganese Saltillo will vary from light gray, brown, and darker brown. Manganese will also have random black swirling from the manganese dioxide AND it will have shades of terra cotta colors that bleed through the clay. These color variations are completely normal and to be expected. Once it is installed, you will acquire the unique blend of colors that achieves the authentic rustic look that makes Saltillo tile so popular. You can emphasize many colors of the tile based on surrounding décor. It is impossible to send only red, orange, or yellow tiles. It is also impossible to send single shades of color with Manganese Saltillo. They can burn a custom batch of tile for your taste to narrow the scope of color variation (with enough lead time allowed). However, because this is natural clay, there will ALWAYS be variation in traditional Saltillo and Manganese saltillo. No two tiles will be the same.

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You can install Saltillo outdoors. This is a beautiful tile on patios, around pools and outdoors in the sunlight. For climates that have freezing weather, we only recommend installing your Saltillo tile Sealed and applying our finishing coat sealer after your grout has dried. Because this clay is not waterproof, it will crack if the tile is left unsealed and water freezes. If you are in this climate and want to install this outdoors, we recommend you inspect the sealer on your tile before every winter.

Is Saltillo Tile durable for kids, pets, etc?

Saltillo terra cotta tile is made of very durable clay. It makes a perfect floor for an environment with kids and pets. As long as your tile is sealed appropriately, it will not stain. Cleaning Saltillo tile is simple. Sealed surfaces can be slippery when wet.

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