Rustic Style Furniture In Contemporary Homes

Rustic Style Furniture In Contemporary Homes – Many people who love the outdoors are choosing natural-looking furnishings in their contemporary homes. Coffee tables that are made from a crosscut of a tree trunk, four-poster beds that are constructed of real wood branches and reclaimed wood from barns are high on the list of furnishings that are not only beautiful but also reflect a love of nature.


Farmhouse tables

A demand for rustic furniture has been on the uptick lately, partly because of a growing appreciation for the Earth’s limited natural resources. Also, many reclaimed wood furnishings are not only functional, unique and gorgeous; they also are an example of re-purposing a natural resource which appeals to the ecologically-minded buyer.

Farmhouse tables are wildly popular today and have a distinct personality and design that gives each table character and individuality. Although new farm tables can be aged, weathered or distressed, it is reclaimed wood tables that most people want.


Twig and branch furniture

Rustic furniture made out of twigs, logs or branches is kid friendly, pet friendly and truly unique. As each branch and twig twists and turns in its own way, each piece of furniture will have its own personality. Although natural wood furnishings are beautiful in log homes, cabins and lake homes, many people are incorporating natural materials into their contemporary-style homes.


A trend in branch-bottomed tables is to finish the rustic table with a contemporary glass top. The glass serves two purposes. One, the beautiful natural wood branches can be seen through the transparent glass top, and two, glass offers a modern clean element to the rustic style of the table base.

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Antlers, real and faux, are being used as one-of-a-kind chandeliers. They are a very popular motif in current home design and blend well with other rustic furniture.

For people who are concerned about purchasing furnishings or accessories made from real antlers, it’s important to remember that antlers are selected from a supply of shed antlers, and no deer are ever killed to acquire these magnificent natural beauties.


Rustic home accessories

Rustic-style accessories are being incorporated into a variety of design styles. Interior decorators are using twig and branch construction to create frames for paintings and photographs and trim for traditionally constructed dressers, tables or beds.

Leather furnishings are still very popular and complement any rustic style. Faux animal skin rugs, vintage, animal-themed tapestries and plaid, wool throw pillows are being shown in many rustic-styles, home interiors.






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