Rococo Style French Mirrors

Rococo Style French Mirrors – If you’re looking for the perfect way to embellish or lift an elegantly designed room, the answer may be staring you in the face. Or staring back at you. French mirrors provide some of the most superb ways of creating the ideal focal point of a classically designed room.

French mirrors are available in a huge range of styles and designs, but most typically when people think of such mirrors it is generally those styles which could be called rococo or late Baroque, so typical of the late eighteenth century in French design. Rococo style French mirrors, often large or oversized, decorated with incredible detail and usually asymmetrical, provide the most amazing focal point for a room, especially above a fireplace.


As well as being artistic in themselves of course mirrors also add light to a room, by reflecting the natural light entering through the windows. By thinking carefully about where the light is coming in and where the darker areas of the room may be it is possible to identify the perfect place to fit French mirrors for a real boost that makes the room seem instantly lighter and brighter.

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But of course French mirrors also add to the size of the room, or appear to. Because many of the late Baroque style French mirrors are fairly large they create a very striking illusion of additional space, opening a room quite significantly.

This is important and helpful because a French inspired room is often full of a great amount of detail, and this can sometimes make a room seem a little smaller. By including an ornate mirror, the room widens instantly, adding the perfect finishing touch.

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French mirrors are often used in living rooms, sitting rooms and drawing rooms, but they are also perfect for the bedroom. Large, oversized mirrors for dressing tables are magnificent, and free standing tall mirrors ideal for the bedroom where you can admire your elegant dress sense before stepping out.

Triple dressing table mirrors are also a popular choice, providing not only the perfect way to reflect light from all angles onto your face, enabling you to apply makeup in a more even fashion, but also creates a stunning illusion of light and space in the bedroom.


Rococo style French mirrors are often decorated in a way that includes swirls and sweeping lines, quite probably in an asymmetrical way. Indeed, the late Baroque period was a complete break from the traditional Baroque architecture of clean lines and imposing tectonic shapes.


The late Baroque period during which rococo quite literally flowered was one of the most imaginative and fun periods of architecture and design, sneaking in just before the neo classical period.

Today the French style of decor so popular during the reigns of Louis XV and Louis XVI remains one of the most popular styles of classic decor across the world, and French mirrors are the ideal way to complete a look, lighten and brighten a room, and create the illusion of space in a way that truly complements the theme of a room in a way that’s guaranteed to gain admiration from all who ‘entrer dans la salle’.


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