Reward Yourself with a Freestanding Soaker Bathtub

Soaking tubs are the modern version of the deep immersion bath which was once an ancient ritual for most cultures. However, unlike the traditional tubs, the soaking tubs are relatively deeper which means that the user can comfortably immerse their body all the way to the neck lever while seated or lying.
Currently, most of the bathtub manufacturers are shifting to soaking tubs production, although a number of them imply the term “soaking” rather loosely. Although you can enjoy a soak in a 14-inch deep tub, a 20-inch deep freestanding soaker bathtub is the best option. The overflow valve is also a key factor to take into account and must be strategically placed on the top. If placed low, the overflow valve will significantly reduce the depth of water. A handful of manufacturers is now manufacturing standard sized bathtubs with an adjustable overflow drain which is designed to allow them to hold more water for that deeper soak.




When shopping for the soaker bathtubs, you will have to choose from the different sizes, styles, and materials. Some of them come with a small footprint and are suitable for small bathrooms. In fact, most of them redesigned for upright sitting. You will also come across larger versions designed to comfortably accommodate two users. The slipper style is slopped on either one or both sides providing a comfortable recline for those long and relaxing soak.

Most traditional stand alone bathtubs are made of wood. You can also go for the freestanding soaking tub with a wooden exterior while the interior is made of either fiberglass or acrylic. The installation process will determine whether he drop style is the best option for your bathroom setup.

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Why get one?

Soaking baths are available with whirlpool among other common spa features with the high-end models features stylish illumination features, candle holders coupled with rack designed to hold books and other essentials. However, not everyone with a soaker equipped with a whirlpool jet is pleased with them. Most of these users are unhappy with the noise emitted which negates the relaxation sought from a long soak.



There are numerous caveats that come with having a freestanding bathtub in your bathroom. To start with, larger tubs translates to higher water bills and are relatively heavier than traditional tubs thus demanding a reinforced floor. Unless you are only interested in a cold soak, you must ensure that you have a steady supply of water. This requires having a water heater or any form of technology that provides a steady supply of hot water.

In addition, since deep soaker tubs are relatively deeper compared to the regular versions, they are not comfortable when bathing kids since you will be forced to bend to reach over the taller side. They are equally not the best option for persons with mobility difficulties. In most homes, you will find the soaker tubs fitted in one bathroom, mainly the master bathroom. In the other bathrooms, regular tubs will do, especially with kids.

Long soaks in these tubs come with a set of advantages, which includes cleansing and at the same time being a relaxing activity. This is the main purpose of the traditional bathtubs. Purchasing a soaking bathtub for your bathroom is a worthwhile investment for the extra luxury in your home.

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As discussed above, the stand alone soaking tubs are available in different styles to choose from. For a royal touch, consider investing in a clawfoot bathtub, which is also a great stand-alone feature. On the other hand, the corner bathtubs open up more space in your bathroom while at the same time providing you with a larger deck. If you want to enjoy your soaks in the outdoor, then wooden soaking tubs are the best choice for you.

The soaking tub also brings a number of health benefits. For instance, in the Japanese bath, soaking was an effective way to comfort your body while at the same time nourishing your soul. The health benefits are due to the fact the heat transmission and retention capability of water coupled with its use in cooling. Hot water baths are known to promote better circulation, relaxing tensed and aching muscles while at the same time reducing pain from physical wounds.

Arthritis patient can also benefit from the warmth and the buoyancy of water. You can also enjoy bath, exercises in a soaking tub. In addition, taking a soak in a hot tub is also a great way for you to calm your mind, reduce stress and promote the much needed good night sleep.


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