Red Color In Feng Shui

Red color in feng shui – Red is a powerful color. It is primal and not easily ignored. It is the color of blood, the beating heart, birth, death and love. It is a romantic color used traditionally for Valentine’s day and in Chinese weddings for good luck. It is recommended for bedrooms to encourage lovemaking and early pregnancy. In feng shui it is the most yang (active) of all the colors and represents the fire element–and is the only color feng shui consultants use that is as effective as any of the elements.

We use red color in home decorating to warm an environment, to enhance appetite or encourage romantic feelings. Most people like red because it is an excitable color – it can make us more amorous.

Too much red in the bedroom can be very stimulating and even interfere with normal sleep. Colors that are mixed with red, at least 40% are also considered a ‘fire’ color and that includes oranges, pinks, purples, burgundy, wine and peach.


Fire colors can be great in feng shui and enhance money or health, but reds are also the most problematic color in this time period because they can activate the most difficult earth energy 2’s (strong for illness) and annual 5 (strong for accidents and obstacles.) Routinely we recommend buyers to use red tones in mobile items likerugs, blankets, paintings or lamps.


We do not recommend red walls or sofas that are large and difficult to move or change in a challenging year. When using red color in feng shui, the brighter shades are the most effective and when combined with a heating element like a red lamp shade, or lava lamp, it makes it even more effective. Candles can be used, but the fire element can be a hazard so colors are normally preferred.

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A classically trained feng shui consultant can advise you of these differences and guide you in the best choices to balance and promote your home’s natural healing energy. The skillful use of red color in feng shui is very important and can boost your life in many positive ways.




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