Rearrange Your Basement Ideas

We offer intertesting and economical ideas to convert your basement into a fancy and pleasant area, just because a basement is often a vast, open space that can accommodate people and other stuff.

You will find many interesting design images basement on this post. DIY Basement pretty neat furniture design, made of beams, pipes and metal studs are left bare or painted red in some places to add decoration. Fresh unfinished bookshelves and doors are everywhere, matching the unfinished inexpressive joists.

Acrylic partitioned bathroom looks very contemporary. The cement flooring in the bathroom was left as is as well, only stained and maybe lacquered. Even furnishings looks like it was DIY made. You get a modern, urban loft like feel that is also very inviting.





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  1. I was looking at your basement colors and saw one I really liked. But I cannot find the name of the paint color.

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