Pillar Candle Arrangements

Pillar Candle Arrangements – Candlelight can be used effectively as one of the most important decorative elements in a room. So, how do you decorate with pillar candles? The possibilities are virtually endless.

One of the most wonderful things about pillar candles is their simplicity. Since they are self-standing, they don’t require fancy holders or other accessories that can get pretty pricy. Arrange varying heights of pillar candles in small groupings to create bold decorative statements or artistic displays very inexpensively. (Always be sure to burn candles on heat-resistant, inflammable surfaces!)


Because there are so many beautiful color choices available, it may be hard to choose. We suggest you start with your room’s color and choose pillar candles in either complimentary or contrasting colors. Both work very nicely. You can consult a color wheel to help. Check out your public library and borrow books on painting or colors to find a color wheel. Also, some of the large home improvement stores will give you a complimentary color wheel if you inquire at the paint department.

In pillar candle arrangements, it is easiest to start with one color so that you can focus on the dimension of your grouping. The wax texture of the pillar candles can range from smooth and glossy to rough and unpolished. The marriage of differing candle heights and wax textures in the same color can create breathtaking and dramatic decorative accents.

Pillar candle colors arouse emotions. Soft neutrals such as greys, tans or khakis are soothing and peaceful. Bright colors such as reds, purples, or blues are bold and exciting. What emotion or feeling do you wish to evoke in your room with your pillar candles? For feelings of tranquility and calmness, use neutral colors. For boldness and fun, let the brilliance of brightly colored pillar candles make a striking decorative statement.

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Base your focal point for pillar candle placement on which area of the room you wish your guests’s eyes to automatically go to. If your room is bare or sparsely decorated, you can create focal points wherever you wish. If a room is already functional, seek out an unusual space or unused corner and transform it into a focal point with your beautiful pillar candle arrangement.







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