Pet Friendly Interior Design

Nearly 50% of households have a cat or dog that digitization watchword must be questioned. Unless you have a pure white Persian cat, as Ernst Stavros Bluffed in the James Bond films, you may have problems with a pure white minimalist interior. Here are some ideas that will help your dog or cat co-exist with its beautiful interiors:

If your pet has access to the dirt in the world then there will be a problem. Similarly, if your pet is not trained their expensive silk carpets home from China may suffer irrevocably. There are two schools of thought: Camouflage – get upholstery that hide dirt and hair loss. In other words, color coordinated with the skin tissue! Expose – make sure dirt and hair is visible so they are forced to vacuuming and cleaning.


When the animal enters the house make sure you clean hard floors inside and outside. Carpet turtles sold a range of carpet specially for this purpose. If you choose a hard floor, make you clean smooth rather than textured or cracked stone or tile.

Choose an interior design that is inherently compatible with pets, for example, ceramic or wood floors with under floor heating. Venetian blinds or other long curtains rather than pooling on the floor. Metal furniture and glass instead of expensive French polished wooden legs that are quickly becoming scratching posts. Install the protective covers parts cheap for expensive furniture. Use a fabric easy to clean regularly. To avoid problems of tissue shrinkage free choices of fabric or material chosen wash several times until you have done custom.

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Have an emergency cleaning kit on hand to deal with the unexpected (but inevitable) stains left behind their pets. Treat stains quickly before they are absorbed or dry is the best tactic. Be part of your home away from animals – most owners seem hard to do, but it gives the animal a clear zone and minimizes the risk of contamination and damages a room or formal dining room.


Put spaces dedicated to pets (e.g., food, litter and litter) in an area away from furniture sensitive lands. Ideally located in a service area easy to clean hard floors. Get professional upholstery cleaners twice a year to clean carpets and upholstery. This is crucial for the maximum life of your furniture. The earth sinks into the question becomes more difficult to remove. Eliminate pet odors, regular cleaning and moderate use of deodorant. Will adapt to the smell, but the house (the human variety) instantly notice the smell as you enter your home.

Finally do not forget to wash and groom your cat or dog regularly, especially if you move. This will keep your home cooler and cleaner than anything else.


One last thing to remember is that when you come to sell your home, you should clean and deodorize thoroughly before starting to show potential buyers around. Even if they are animal lovers who do not want their land used or odors.

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