Patio Design In Tuscan Style

Patio Design In Tuscan Style – Tuscan style is one of the most popular trends on the market today. Not only does it reflect elements of an old-world style, but also embraces nature with its rich colors and aesthetics. Additionally, it’s much easier to achieve and more cost-effective than many other design styles. In the home, the patio is an extension of the living space which is often misused. Filled with toys, boxes, yard tools, or whatever, it is often the least appealing and least used area you have, but this does not have to be the case and it can still provide you with the storage you need for outdoor supplies and equipment.

Patio design in Tuscan style

The important thing to remember about the patio design in Tuscan style is that it reflects the best elements of nature. Rich colors and bold textures are combined with subtle elegance and warm accessories. Close your eyes and visualize elements of all the pictures you’ve seen of Italy; the vineyards, the fields of lavender, the lush rolling green hills, the azure blue sky, and the old world charm. That is what you’re trying to achieve and there are several simple steps to ensure your patio becomes an extension of your home that you and your family will be thrilled to use. Best of all, this is a task the whole family can help with and enjoy.

Keep your plan simple and expect to utilize existing furniture and accessories in order to reduce costs.

Make sure the patio paint brings in colors and elements of that Tuscan feel; pale terracotta, sand, muted green, or pale gold colors are preferred hues to reflect the fundamentals you’re trying to replicate. If you prefer not to paint the outside of the house in the patio area, create a mural on canvas that can be put up and taken back down with ease when your tastes change. You can use muted natural colors to create a scene of an Italian vineyard, countryside setting, other landscape, but remember you’re not trying to make a perfect replica, but to provide the illusion of a Tuscan scene so keep it simple as you don’t want it to overpower the rest of the area.

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If the patio is covered in natural wood, use a “paint wash” to give it an old world charm. Rather than providing a thick covering that could make the covering look garish, this type of treatment enhances the grain of the wood while providing a muted color that enhances the other design elements. Simply paint it on and wipe it off as you go making sure you are always working with the grain.

For the flooring, if wood just continue the “paint wash” treatment on the floorboards. If working with a patio slab, however, a cement stain is relatively inexpensive but can really enhance the look you’re trying to achieve. After selecting a pale terracotta or russet brown color, just take a sea sponge and daub on the cement allowing the stain to overlap. This will result in darker and lighter areas making it appear more rustic. Stone or brick floors would require no treatment as they already have the look you’re trying to achieve.

Look around the house for any old furniture, cupboards, or other pieces that you can modify to fit into the outdoor space. These pieces should be made of darker wood or stained into various shades as you don’t want everything to match too perfectly. If already painted or plastic you can make it look like wood with the use of stick-on paper. Remember that you want a selection of textures and a variety of old styles so if you have an old dining table that isn’t used anymore, just cut the legs off, beat it up with a hammer, and apply a dark stain for a really old look. Any metal chairs can be spray painted black to look like rot iron as well.

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Look around your house or ask neighbors if you can have several terracotta colored planters. If you don’t have any, plastic planters now look almost like clay pots even down to the embossing and are extremely affordable. Just add plants and you’re all set.

For finishing touches just add colors from nature in the form of flowers, pillows, and anything else you can find. Remember to keep all your touches natural and vintage in color and style. For instance, pillows with floral prints in russets, gold’s, and greens can enhance your space without having to change solid color patio furniture pads for something else. On the other had, if you already have floral pads you can just include solid and striped pillows. Pillows are super easy to make, can be filled with old pillow filling, and can be made from scraps of excess material.

Lastly, patio design in Tuscan style includes water features that enhance your sense of peace and tranquility while reducing the noise of neighbors and traffic. These can also be made of various style terracotta plastic planters that have aerators to ensure recirculation of the water. They can then be filled with water plants and gold fish to reduce the need for care providing a pleasant esthetic for the space as well as an interesting conversation piece.


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