Pallet Furniture Creative Ideas

Pallet Furniture Creative Ideas – The pallets are an absolute hit when we talk about innovations and recycling. The pallets are wooden constructions used as the base for lifting and transport of heavy goods. Wooden pallets don’t look very attractive, but with a little effort you can transform them into a nice piece of furniture. It is easy and low in costs. Coffee tables, book shelves, garden planters and garden furniture – everything is possible to make. Here a few ideas how you can create some nice stuff with a wooden pallet.

Comfortable and sturdy furniture can be made of new or used wooden pallets that can be found at really cheap prices.


The furniture made from pallets can fit well with new or refurbished and repainted old furniture. A brilliant effect can be achieved with different tones of acrylic colors, or colorful embellishments such as cushions and throws. In one day, with a tight budget, you can have an interesting multifunctional piece of furniture and enjoy your creativity. The result will not be unnoticed.

Coffee table

Two pallets put one on the top of other and secured them with nails. On the bottom you can put small wheels and the table is ready. Paint it in your favorite color or leave in natural, wooden look.

wood pallet3


Because of their solid structure pallets may be used as bed frame. All you need is a good quality mattress for a good night sleep.

Corner sofa

Just put pallets in the right order , secure them with few nails and top up with thick sponge to make this cute corner sofa.

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Working desk

Working desk is very important piece of furniture in every house and you can make one – rustic in style and easy to make. Put the pallet on the high legs and fill the empty space with wood taken from another pallet.


Pallet set up on the kitchen wall can be the place for the spice jars and other kitchen stuff. In the living room, the pallet shelf is a perfect space for books and decorative figurines.


Beside in an interior, the pallets can be used to create various things in garden or terrace. You can make an original planters and garden furniture, and be surrounded with beautiful things you have made by yourself. Everything will be unique and you can feel a very proud and fulfilled.






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