Paint Your Room With Metallic Colors

Interior metallic paints are made by combining metallic pigment powders with latex interior paint. You can purchase the pigment powders separately and mix them yourself, but it is much easier to purchase ready-mixed metallic paint that is widely available. Metallic interior paint delivers a rich, sophisticated look not easily achieved with other paint mediums. Metallic paints are available in a complete range of hues from cool to warm.

With metallic paints you get translucency, depth and shimmer. And with the shift away from fluorescent lighting to more use of incandescent and halogen, the metallic surfaces sparkle. It’s “in.” It’s “cool.” It’s “hot.”

Silver and Platinum

For a light metallic effect, choose silver or platinum metallic paint. Lighter shades of these hues reflect light and work well when balanced with darker-toned wood furniture and flooring. Dark tones of silver and platinum pair well with sleek black lacquer furniture and modern accessories. These metallic shades work as a neutral backdrop in design and pair easily with jewel tones, as well as deep shades of burgundy, forest green and brick. When used in a kitchen environment, silver and platinum coordinate well with black granite countertops and stainless steel appliances. Use these shades judiciously as trim or on one wall to create a visual focal point.


Opt for a neutral metallic taupe shade for the ultimate neutral setting. Paint walls with an almost matte metallic taupe for a soft sheen and to warm up a space. Matte metallic paints are just one level below a satin finish and, while still metallic in nature, are not overwhelming. Pair taupe with navy for contrast or soft tones of cream and beige for a monochromatic effect. Rich, velvet upholstered furniture carries on the soft effect of taupe and creates an elegant decor. Satin pillows, potted green plants and textural wall hangings finish the look.

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Copper or Bronze

Copper and bronze are rich-toned neutrals and fashion a cozy, warm decor. Combine these metallic finishes with rustic, vintage furniture and cool colors, such as turquoise or aqua. Blues in varying shades give contrast and life to copper and bronze. Lime-green tones work well with copper or bronze and can be brought into decor with accents–such as plants, pottery or upholstery. Muted red tones provide complementary color to create a unified look. Peach tones are also suitable for use with copper and bronze, especially when decorating a bedroom. Pair soft peach-toned bedding with metallic copper or bronze walls for a relaxing, cohesive color palette.

What environments, locations and applications are ideal for metallic paints? If you talk to enough people, you’ll find there really isn’t any limit. But there are some things to consider — and the primary things really come down to cost. Metallic coatings aren’t cheap. You can “maximize the impact for the money spent for this product by using it in very visible, important areas, such as lobby areas and specialty spaces.

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