Outdoor Kitchens

Outdoor Kitchens – Benefits of good weather are numerous. Beside the fact you can enjoy the fresh air all day long, without having to worry about the cold or rain, you can transfer the some features of the house into the outdoor. The housewives especially appreciate cooking outdoors. That way they do not heat the interior space and, above all, you do not have that feeling that you spent all day in the kitchen.

Just one look at the garden, the countryside, the plants, the dear people around you, will put you in a good mood. Cooking outdoors can boost your imagination and inspire you to create some new delicious dishes. To have all the comfort desired you have to create a small summer kitchen. It may be part of an appendix building or may be located under a canopy. Your summer outdoor kitchen can be attached to the house, or quite independant in the yard.


Kitchen outdoor space is actually a garden or on a terrace that can be installed kitchen appliances and part of the dining consisting of a table or counter with stools. Ensure all necessary installation and performance of the kitchen surface.

This is not necessary shelves utensils because everything you need is always in the house. Open-plan kitchen must have good lighting and clean water. The cooking can be electric, gas, or can be fire. Another advantage of the open kitchen is the possibility of growing vegetables and herbs at your hand.


Outdoor kitchen does not necessarily have all the kitchen appliances. The most important are the grill and the sink. Barbecue is always handy. You can buy one or do it yourself (especially attractive grills covered in stone), and set up in the central part of the space or to the one side. Pay attention to organize the storage for wood, which you can hide or leave the door open.

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Seats should be placed in the shade under umbrellas or canopies made of wood, canvas or some climbing plants. Outdoor kitchen should follow the style of decoration of the garden, house or terrace. If you live in a modern apartment with a large terrace, the main color of kitchen units shall be colored facades and modern furniture, which can be simple, a line of wood or iron.




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