Outdoor Design Ideas In Luxury Homes

Outdoor Design Ideas In Luxury Homes – The trend in luxury home building is to help create livable spaces on the exterior as well as the interior of the home. The selective luxury home buyer may be looking at a home for outdoor as well as indoor qualities and features. Even if these features are not included in the home at the time of purchase, the luxury home buyer may still be able to have them, provided the right amount and type of space is available. Here are some popular outdoor features of new and existing luxury homes:

Outdoor living rooms in luxury homes

Outdoor spaces that resemble interiors are becoming more popular in luxury homes. Outdoor living areas need to reflect the overall style of the home. If it’s Victorian it will lean towards traditional and formal. For Spanish style homes – select furniture, terracotta pots, and lots of color and flowers might work best. Whatever the decorating needs, functionality and privacy, as well as appropriate seating for entertainment, are also factors in decorating an outdoor space. For privacy, hedges and fences work well. For flooring, stepping stones, decks, or actual slate tiles may be installed on wood. And, ceilings can include trees, retractable awnings, or permanent roofs.


For ambience, homeowners may choose to add a trellis with roses or other colorful vines and professionally landscaped gardens. Flower and herb gardens, a small vegetable garden, and specialty flowers and shrubbery can also enhance outdoor living rooms.

Outdoor kitchens for luxury homes

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These days, many homeowners are cooking outdoors. There is more than a BBQ grill or firepit and picnic table involved. Outdoor kitchens, now incorporated into luxury homes, can even rival indoor kitchens in the style and quality of materials used. Custom builders are beginning to incorporate grander outdoor kitchens than ever before to accommodate this trend in luxury home buying.


A properly outfitted outdoor kitchen means the host does not have to shuttle items from indoor spaces. Thus, the outdoor kitchen is rising in popularity with the home buyer. Some items included in outdoor kitchens are sinks, stoves, and cabinetry. Countertops are often made with high-end natural materials such as marble, granite or stone. Some are outfitted like a full kitchen with grill, refrigerator, sink and eating area. Kitchen appliances are sometimes incorporated into the outdoor kitchen. Outdoor flooring types that are popular in luxury homes are ceramic, marble, and brick.


Pools and hot tubs

A nice addition to any living space, pools offer a place to relax outdoors, exercise, spend time in the sun, and entertain. And, hot tubs are almost becoming the norm in the luxury home. Hot tubs are an ideal place to relax after a stressful day, or spend romantic time with a loved one. For privacy and convenience, erect a fence and build a small deck around the hot tub.


Luxurious porches

Old southern porches with swings are back in style. Sitting on the porch brings back nostalgic memories of grandmas’ porch, drinking iced tea, courting, or eating a family supper on Sundays.

There are many different types of porches suitable for the luxury home. Choose from: covered front and back porches, wrap around porches, screen porches and sunrooms, and breezeways.

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Courtyards and piazzas

For the luxury home owner with a large space in the front or rear, a courtyard may be an option, and these are usually decorated with a spectacular fountain as the focal point.

Piazzas are usually paved and form a grand entranceway to a formidable building, such as an estate property, or a luxury home built with Roman architecture. A well-designed piazza can offer distinction to the luxury homeowner who wants to set his property apart from others.


Do not neglect the outdoors of a luxury home when assessing a property and feeling if it is right for you and your loved ones. The exterior spaces, when designed well and for functionality, are just as important to the luxury of a home. Decorating outdoor spaces allows more room for entertainment. Outdoor living spaces are spilling into all sectors of home buying from empty nesters, to large families, to people with no kids.


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