Orange Rugs And Carpets For Colorful Living Space

Orange Rugs And Carpets For Colorful Living Space – Many people who prefer bright and dark colored rugs and carpets will opt for dark brown, red, green or indigo etc. However, there are few who are creative in this respect and try to add some lively color such as an orange. Whether you believe it or not; orange rugs liven up a room, which will give you a refreshing or soothing feel especially during the summers.

Interestingly, orange is also becoming popular and a favorite color especially for the residential purposes. By installing an orange rug, you can enchant up the place. However, if you still have any doubt, it will be advisable to gather some information about it.


Like all other colors, orange also has several shades such as peach, apricot, tangerine, russet, blood orange, carrot squash, burnt orange, copper, etc. The appearance or outlook of the room will much depend on the particular type of tone used making it bright and alluring or soft and inviting. If you are using a very bright shade of orange, you might overpower the rest of the room’s decoration. In such a case, all your attempts to make your room more attractive will go into vain.

Besides the shade, you need to focus also on the size and design of the rug. If you are planning to install it in your living room or hall, a big orange rug placed underneath the couch will certain gain the attention of the guests visiting your home. However, you can opt for a mix and match policy thereby adding some more colors with orange. Some of the other hues, which can complement orange smartly, include dark brown, tan, cream and arctic white.

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The most important property of any rug or carpet is its material or texture. When you browse through an online website selling rugs or even visit a shop, they are available in various materials such as wool, shag, polypropylene, and so on. You should also consider the area where they will be placed and the amount of foot traffic they would be exposed. For instance, if you are placing them in kitchen always opt for a dark hued rug, which does not get dirty with spilled food easily. Please ask the experts about the maintenance and washing procedure of the orange rugs to increase its longevity.








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