Old Stylish Postboxes

If you are looking for a mail box that will add style and decoration to your home then think about an antique mail box. These beautiful postboxes have been designed to provide not only an adequate mail collection solution but to provide exceptional design and an elegant design feature outside your home.

These beautiful pieces are also robust and able to cope with the challenges presented by modern day post. They can be found in wall-mounted or post mounted styles and there is a wide range of designs, finishes and styles. You can find a mail box individual to you by choosing the perfect combination of strong lock mechanism, colour combination, printed or handmade design, powder coating, and address plaques. These stunning mailbox models will be a beautiful addition to your home.

us letter box

Often the main body of an antique mailbox is made of stainless steel, copper or brass. These antique look finishes make any home, whether traditional or contemporary in style, look beautifully finished and provides a practical and secure means of containing your post. Antique brass post boxes can look particularly effective when built into the wall of the home. Postal locks are not required for these models as they are opened within the home. They can be very secure.


Victorian Wall Mount Locking Mailbox

(The Victorian Wall Mount Locking Mailbox features classical motifs and details. It is made of die cast aluminum with a durable antique powder coat finish. The coating is hand applied giving it a mottled weathered rustic appearance.)

A steel antique mail box is a good choice for a wall mounted model. Copper in a hammered antique finish can also be a hardy and long lasting choice. With the correct powder coatings you can ensure they are weather resistant and prevent rusting.

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french postbox

Antique French Steel Postal Box

(Authentic antique French Steel Postal Box with a rare and stunning green finish. These mailboxes are becoming increasingly difficult to find and this one is in nice original condition with the original patina.)

There are a variety of designs that can be chosen from the ornate to the simple yet elegant. You can personalise your mailbox by choosing a design that reflects your character and if you are buying a post mounted mail box you can choose a decorative post to match. At Mailbox Mania you can find a wide variety of styles for mailboxes and a range of locks and security features.

letter-box-antique us mailbox

Garden postbox-green letter-antiques

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