Old Furniture & Negative Feng Shui Implications

Most of us do not rearrange the furniture in our home very often. Big pieces of furniture such as the bookcases, sofas, beds and dining tables pretty much stay in the same position in our homes for years, if not decades. Old furniture that hasn’t been used for a long time can create many negative feng shui implications. That energy around such furniture is stale and stagnant. Over the years accumulation of stale Chi will start to emit a great amount of sick energy.

Examples of furniture prone to stale energy build-up are old bookcases. Very often, many of us have great big bookcases filled with tones old books. Chances are, we don’t remember the last time we read, or even touched a book from the shelves.

A great way to flush out the stale energy is to give the whole bookshelf a good ‘salt wipe’. Wet a piece of cloth with some salt water and wipe away. This renews the energy accumulated around it.


We should also pay close attention to our sofas. Although this is a piece of furniture frequently used on a daily basis, it is important that we re-position them at least once a year. The repositioning of the sofas allows the energy of the room to circulate and be renewed. The circulation of Chi very important, especially if the sofas are placed in your study or bedroom, where the windows and doors are kept shut most of the time.


For fans of antique furniture, it is vital that you ‘cleanse’ its energy before use. In fact, you should never use any antique furniture without first giving it a good energy cleansing because such furniture carries with it the energies of the previous owners. Give it a good salt wipe, and if possible, air it out in a sunny area of your home for a few days before using it.

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