Nightstand: Anything But A Piece Of Furniture

Nightstand: Anything But A Piece Of Furniture – The nightstands are necessary piece of furniture. Books, lamp, glass of water, alarm clock, and lots of things we tend to forget. It is unbelievable how many things can be stored in drawers of the nightstands. It is practical and crucial part of interior that can be central point in the design of the room. You can buy so many different styles and designs of the nightstands in any furniture shop, but if you want something different and unique, check up on our ideas.

Now we talking about the nightstands that are anything but ordinary piece of furniture and that will improve a general look of your bedroom.


If you have some old table, suitcase or ladders, and you don’t know what to do with them, here is a great opportunity to use them. Why not to put them right next to your bed?

Concrete Nightstand

This is one brave and creative nightstand design made of concrete blocks. This strong, robust nightstands have enough room for storage, and, with their rough industrial look, they will give an urban and dramatic charm to your bedroom.


Suitcase Nightstand

This is a super creative and interesting way to use your old suitcases and make a charming retro nightstand. You can even buy old suitcases in second-hand shops, antique fairs or boot sales. This nightstand will create a vintage look to your interior. Naturally, you can use them for storage, too.

nightstand4 nightstand-suitcase

Hanging Nightstand

Nightstand doesn’t be on the floor. You can use some old metal trays and create a nice hanging nightstand that will be a great addition to your bedroom. They are an excellent detail in female bedrooms as well as in minimalistic style bedroom.

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Rustic Nightstand

To use a rustic box as the nightstand is a cool idea for those who like elegant and unique style. The special charm comes from used boxes of wine, groceries or any vintage packages.


Metal Nightstand

Industrial style metal nightstand will certainly create an ultra-urban and modern look to your bedroom. Rustic, metal box in combination with clean-line furniture give us cool and fresh feelings.


Wooden Nightstand

There is another extraordinary rustic nightstand that looks very contemporary in this eclectic bedroom. Old wooden nightstand brings nature into the interior and give a feeling of coziness and warmth.


Glass Nightstand

Glass nightstands have always a ‘wow’ effect. Made of glass, tall and mighty, all that need is a lamp that will put the accent on their incredible look.


We believe you will be inspired to give a new life to some of your rejected pieces of furniture or objects, and use them instead of the classic nightstand. Give a try and you will be surprise with the complete change of the look of your bedroom.








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