Newest Trends In Color And Interior Design

As the fashion world starts to look ahead to spring, they release their predictions and pronouncements for the interior design trends of this year. 2014 will prove to be fast moving light-hearted and fun if these newly announced interior trends have anything to do with it.

What color are your walls? If they’re beige, grey or white, this may be a good time to update your wall color. Rich, deeply saturated colors like navy and plum are the new look. In fact some designers consider navy the new ‘neutral’. If having a navy wall or room makes you a little uncomfortable, start with one piece of furniture or a few fabric accents. If you have beige walls and a white sofa consider how rich plum colored pillows and a throw rug might give that room a nice color ‘pop’.

If you don’t want to replace your sofa but you want that deep luxurious plum color, you could get a fabric furniture cover. This will allow you to change the color of the couch as trends change without having to spend a fortune.


New takes on classic interior design

Floral patterns are back – but not your grandmothers florals! Bold and bright is what’s ‘in’ this year. Interpretations of floral patterns are no exception. Mixing and matching bold pattern and bright florals will modernize your overall look.

When shopping for fabrics, consider rich luxurious textures. Corduroy, velvet and suede are sophisticated and durable. These rich fabrics will hold up to darker color schemes and make your room feel trendy, yet comfortable.

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Goodbye matchy-matchy!

2014 is the year to take bigger interior design risks when decorating. You probably already know that like colors and hues work well even if the patterns differ. This year consumers have even more variety to choose from.

Consider bringing different colors, textures and finishes into your home. You will be surprised how fresh and lively your space will look as you push the boundaries of what you thought would look good together.


The color purple

This year’s ‘Color of the Year’ is Radiant Orchid – a vibrant purple with pink undertones. Purple is thought of as a healing color. It is also the color of wealth and royalty.

If choosing a deep plum or orchid color is not your cup of tea, then consider going to a lighter color, such as lavender, for your walls and use brighter shades of purple as an accent.


Sculptural artwork

This year is all about textures and the art on your walls is no exception! For accessories, the trend seems to be getting away from colour and going more into rich textures like horn, aged metallics and linens. Hanging sculpture is what’s trendy for 2014. Sculpture adds interest and dimension to your walls. Consider a range of materials: metal, wood, horn, or even macrame or fabric.


If you don’t feel particularly crafty, consider the many local independent artisans in your community. Attend some local arts and crafts shows and you’ll discover a whole world of creativity. Maybe you’ll even find that wall sculpture that makes your heart sing every time you look at it. Adding something different, unique and special to your interior designs is an easy way to put a unique personal accent on a design.

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