Nautical Home Decor Ideas

Nautical decor is very popular among the people living at and around the coastline. For people who love the sea, nautical home décor is the next best thing to life on a yacht or a sailboat. Decorating with a nautical theme lets you bring the feel of life at sea into your home so that you can feel a bit more contented when you aren’t being soothed by the gentle roar of the ocean waves.

Begin by painting your walls white, a sandy tan color, or sea blue. You may want to install wainscoting or wide boards stained a weathered grey color on the lower half or two thirds of the room. Instead of finishing the top edge of the wainscoting with traditional wooden trim, try using rope as your trim.

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If you have light pine or very distressed wood floors, you won’t need to worry about floor treatments. If your floor doesn’t go with the nautical look, you may want to consider whitewashing it or covering it up with a woven area rug.


Once the room’s framework is in place, it is time to add furniture. Nautical themes look great with quite a few types of furniture. You may want to consider mixing and matching dark wood pieces and wrought iron pieces that have been painted white. Weathered redwood pieces and wicker or rattan furnishings also look right at home.


Have fun with one or two pieces of whimsical furniture. All nautical home décor ideas do not have to have lighthouses, but it is a popular trend. Try installing a large lighthouse shelf or putting a chair that is upholstered in a lighthouse print in the room. A shelf that looks like a boat standing on end, an oar coat rack, or a mirror framed by a ship’s wheel are other popular pieces.

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Blue and white striped canvas is perfect for cushions, although ship or fish prints in blue and white colors are also right at home. For a child’s room, colorful coral reef designs or whimsical whale prints are popular.
After the furniture is in place, you can begin selecting nautical decorating accessories for the room. Framed ship prints or shell collections are frequently used. Lighthouse or model boat collections work well, too. For a room that is a real conversation piece, consider using actual nautical items, such as buoys, anchors and vintage boat props.


When you have everything in place, take a look around. If the room feels complete, you’re done. If not, you may just need one more thing to make the whole nautical look complete – a wallpaper mural. Using a mural with a beach or lighthouse scene on the wall is the perfect finishing touch.


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