Nature-Inspired Christmas Decorating Ideas

Nature-Inspired Christmas Decorating Ideas – Natural materials have always been and will always be part of decorating for the holidays. You can decorate your home with items gotten from nature and not only be both modern and traditional, but save a lot of money at the same time.

Long walks in the forest several days before Christmas will generate nature-inspired decorating ideas for the fire place mantle and dining room table. Collect an assortment of twigs, nuts, pine cones and interesting-looking pine branches for your displays.

Consider spray-painting dried twigs with an antique gold finish. The possibilities for nature-inspired decorating are endless and involvement of family in this activity breeds purpose and togetherness. . . the essence of Christmas spirit. The holidays are far more meaningful with participation.

It is recommended the bag containing collected forest materials be lightly sprayed with insect repellent and left to sit for half an hour before the creation process. You may not need to buy a base for your decoration – old pottery can be spray-painted to compliment colors in the arrangement. When using materials, remember not to build your dining room display too high or views across the table will become obstructed. Vibrancy is what draws attention to decoration and oranges and lemons are a nice compliment to greenery. Contrast of color creates an exceptional-looking table . . . white, red or green table cloths can create this effect.

Natural wreaths. Natural wreaths are available at almost every store, but you can make your own and save money. You can make a small or large wreath from English Ivy. English Ivy is easy to grow and it does grow pretty quickly. Once your plant has some length to it, wrap the ivy around a frame that you have inserted into your pot. You can add lights or just about any kind of decorations you like such as berries or other natural decorations.

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Another great way to make a wreath is to make one from cut greens. Use a round wire frame that you can make from a coat hanger or you can purchase one at any craft store. Take some of your evergreen bunches and tie them together at the base with wire. Then, wind the evergreen branches around the wire frame or take a coat hanger apart and weaver the coat hanger wire around the branches from beginning to end and then form it into a circle. You can decorate the evergreen bunches with natural fruits and berries and put a bow at the top.

For Christmas tree wreaths, take some small twigs and make them into wreaths to hang them on your Christmas tree. You can use a craft Styrofoam circle and add leaf bunches, berries and pine cones with some fresh bay leaves stuck in for scent. You can also use a glue gun to glue everything to the craft circle instead.

Natural garland. Instead of buying garland at the store for your stairwells or for on your mantle, make them out of cut evergreen branches. Wire the evergreen branches and wind them around your handrails or place them on your mantle. They also look nice over a doorway in a swag design.

When you make your garland, add some bay leaves for a wonderful scent. If you have a bay laurel shrub, the leaves cut from the shrub would be perfect. If you don’t have a bay laurel shrub, you can also purchase bay leaves in bulk in some markets. Secure the bay leaves with twine until you have the length that you need and then inter-mingle them with the evergreen branches. Then, add dried fruit, pine cones and berries.

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Nature-inspired Christmas decorating has been around for centuries and much of our decorations today are imitation versions of the real thing. Homes touched by nature are ones where the true essence of Christmas spirit lives on.

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