Natural Stone Walls by Lithos Design

If we are tired of seeing an interior only that, does not hurt us to try other, more spectacular innovation and amazing, course of an inspiration and a mature thinking. With hand and special care was a spectacular design comes with a new innovation that is a common wall designs transformed into a modern textured carving of course on the choice of a variety of textures, a dynamic and attractive patterned so that it looks entertaining when seen by our eyes so as not to get bored. This stylish collection below is produced byLithos Design. These modern engraved stone walls are inspired by the steady and determined hand of a sculptor. Created in large-scale by utilizing modern technology, this textured wall collection has precise patterns.

The walls offer 3D effect that could make your interior look even more attractive. These contemporary walls could be a perfect addition for your entry foyer, a den with fireplace or an open living area. These amazing walls are truly an artistic complement to your home and you wouldn’t need anything else after having these textured walls installed.


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