Natural Stone Care Furniture

Natural stone can be present in the interior or exterior of the house. In the interior, natural stone can be attached on the bathroom floor, walls pools, tables and chairs are located in the living room, and others. While the exterior, natural stone can be embedded in the facade of the house, fence walls, and paths in the park.

And of course to still look attractive, natural stone needs to be treated. How do I care for natural stone? Here are some ways of caring for natural stone that is easy to do yourself.


1. For ordinary dirt like a pile of dirt, remove with a hard spray of water with a hose. If these measures were not enough, use soap and brush brush.


2. Natural stone is often seized with a more stubborn dirt, like moss. It can be removed with the brush fibers and water. Use the brush to remove moss while flushed with clean water.


3. What if the moss was also missing? Try using algae destroyer liquid and mix the liquid with water. The comparison: two glasses of liquid and a glass of water. Then with a brush, apply the mixture to the mold and wait for 2 minutes. Then brush back the natural stone with the brush fibers and use of clean water for watering.

4. To remove mildew, you can also use ceramic cleaning fluid that is now being sold. Do not forget to use a wire brush to brush the moss.


5. Natural stone for dirt resistant, do coatings (plating). As a result, natural stone is more resistant to heat, rain, and various stains.

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There are several types of natural stone coating. First, the light bulb that line without changing the color of natural stone. Apart from protected, natural stone still look natural.
Second, gloss. This type of protection as well as sharpen the color of natural stone. When the coating light bulb only lasts a year, then the gloss coating is able to survive up to five years.


If during this natural stone you have never been given a coating, be sure to first clean it in ways that have been described. After drying, then coating it shall be affixed. If the coating applied prior to dry natural stone, mushroom and black spots will appear.

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